10 Reasons InMotion Hosting is the Best for WordPress

Once you design your WordPress website, you still have some tasks left to do. Chief among these is finding a hosting service that can meet your needs and keep your website up and protected.

In order to choose the right hosting service, it’s necessary to do a lot of research and compare the different options available to you. But one of the best hosting services currently on the market is InMotion Hosting. InMotion has several things going for it, so let’s look at 10 reasons why you should consider this host for your site:

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How to Install Your Facebook Pixel on WordPress

We’ve talked extensively in the past about how versatile WordPress is and how you can add numerous plugins and widgets that do some amazing things with your site.

One of the most popular tools that marketers have begun using on WordPress is Facebook Pixel. If you’ve ever searched for a product and then suddenly seen ads for that very same product pop up on your Facebook feed, that is because of the Pixel.

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Why Small Businesses Love WordPress Websites

First impressions count. And if you have a small business, your first contact with anyone new will likely be on your website. That’s why it not only has to look great but also needs to work well – because if it doesn’t, those visitors will bounce before you know what happened. In fact, according to a study by Taylor & Francis, you only have 50 milliseconds to make an impression. 50 milliseconds. Let that sink in.

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