Nerd Out Your Project And Avoid Headaches With Version Control

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been up all night working on a document and suddenly the computer crashes. Was your hard work saved? Did you have a backup?

I’m sure everyone has had this experience at some point. I used to save multiple versions of the same file over and over again every time I had made a significant change. This technique worked but I would often have tens or twenties of versions of files by the end, and it would be difficult to know what was in each version or why it was saved.

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What is a Website Fold?

In the days when print media was king and newspapers dominated the market, the term “above the fold” was coined. This was the top half of the newspaper above where the paper would be folded. When placed on display for potential buyers, the part “above the fold” was meant to draw in the eye with bold, attention grabbing-headlines and shocking images.

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Looking for a WordPress Auto Backup Plugin?

Did you come here looking for the best WordPress auto backup plugin? We’re going to go over some options with you today – but first, we need to discuss the importance of backing up your site.

If you’re not already backing up your website, then you should be. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your business. Unfortunately, it’s also something that many business owners let fall by the wayside. With the constant demands of running a company, website backup can seem “not that important”. Don’t fall into that trap!

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Why Having a Backup Strategy for Your Site is Necessary

Have you taken the time to install one of the best free WordPress backup plugins on your website? You may ask, which one? There are so many!

These days, if you’re not doing business online, you’re not doing business at all. But what would happen if you lost all your data? Between hackers, viruses and just plain user error, it happens. If you’re down for even a few minutes, your audience will notice!

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