Are You Considering Running a Web Design Business?

With the advent of the with hosting options offered by many companies, lots of business people feel like they can do anything that a professional web designer can do.

However, web designers know this isn’t necessarily the case and, even for those novices who can create a website, the cost in time isn’t necessarily worth it. So if you are considering running a web design business, there a few things that you are going to need to do in order to convince others to entrust you with their website:

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Beauty Basics: How to Launch Your Own YouTube Beauty Channel and Website

“Beauty is truth; truth is beauty.” Almost two hundred years ago, romantic poet John Keats expressed this sentiment. Its meaning never changes.

It’s also true that beauty products are one of the biggest profit categories in the world. If you want to be involved in this field, then you should seriously consider launching your own beauty channel on YouTube along with an accompanying website. But setting up something like this can be a daunting task that could potentially scare people away from taking the risk.

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What is a Website Fold?

In the days when print media was king and newspapers dominated the market, the term “above the fold” was coined. This was the top half of the newspaper above where the paper would be folded. When placed on display for potential buyers, the part “above the fold” was meant to draw in the eye with bold, attention grabbing-headlines and shocking images.

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