Hampton Roads WordPress MeetUp Group Member Spotlight – How Carson

How Carson

When you’re talking with How Carson, you can sense the long history of his experience with WordPress. How worked in Philadelphia for many years as a site administrator and trainer through a co-operative(co-op) called US Server Net. They would bring your particular problem to a person who had the skills and experience to give you an answer.

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Pro Projects That Require A Dedicated Server

You may be wondering, do I need a dedicated server? Deciding whether or not to make a jump up to dedicated is not a life-altering decision. It comes down to data and dollars. If your business is growing, your hosting needs will change. Dedicated hosting is just another way to serve the best possible experience and add the most value for your prospects. 

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Introducing Website Creator | A New Way to Build the Website of Your Dreams

Is 2019 the year you begin building your website? There’s no time like the present, and no better time than now with our new bundled solution, Website Creator. The perfect package for those who want to create a website on their own, with little to no maintenance, and a whole lot of support. If building a website has seemed like a daunting task, fear not. This solution has everything, from the moment of inspiration, through every step of the creation process to build the site of your dreams easily.

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Looking For the Best WordPress Hosting? Support Matters.

I’m often surprised when talking to WordPress users by how unhappy they are with hosting support.

One user I spoke with said his host refused to help with a simple SSL integration.

We take support seriously. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server customer. Your needs might be different, but the level of support you’ll receive from us is always the same.

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Nerd Out Your Project And Avoid Headaches With Version Control

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been up all night working on a document and suddenly the computer crashes. Was your hard work saved? Did you have a backup?

I’m sure everyone has had this experience at some point. I used to save multiple versions of the same file over and over again every time I had made a significant change. This technique worked but I would often have tens or twenties of versions of files by the end, and it would be difficult to know what was in each version or why it was saved.

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