6 Best WordPress Website Tips for 2020

The world of WordPress is changing faster and faster each day. WordPress is no longer a one-time install set-it-and-forget-it operation. As more websites all over the world adopt WordPress a whole suite of external tools have emerged to support the WordPress ecosystem. This year, your work will be to navigate this sea of tools and options and features without getting lost and frustrated. Read on to find out how you can keep your operation on course this year: Continue reading –>

New cPanel Licensing Structure and Tips for Managing Your Licenses

Making news in the hosting world, cPanel has changed its pricing structure. Now, instead of being able to create unlimited cPanel accounts, users will be billed based on usage. InMotion Hosting is doing everything in its power to make this an easy transition. Read on to find out how you can reduce the amount and cost of your cPanel usage. Continue reading –>

5 Free Ways to Learn Linux

The graphic user interface (GUI) makes computer tasks easier for those uncomfortable with the text-only terminal, or command line interface (CLI). It’s quicker and less prone to issues caused by typing mistakes. However, the CLI is more powerful (for those who can take full advantage of it) than the GUI which is a middle-man limited by buttons and specific character requirements.

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Be a DIYer. Build a super cool website with a builder.

Feeling crafty? Nothing lets you flex your creative muscle more than a DIY website builder.  

The fact is, some people just like to be in control. They don’t want to leave the look and feel of their website up to someone else who might not “get it.” But at the same time, many worry that designing their own website requires a level of skill that they don’t possess.

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I Saw My Website Files Floating in a Cloud: Why I Can Breathe Easy

Easy cloud backups | InMotion Hosting

For those who don’t know how it works, cloud website backup can seem like a scary option: all of your important data and files, floating around. Out there.

But website backup couldn’t be more important – and backing up to the cloud is a viable, and reliable, option. In fact, we recommend that all of our clients back up to the cloud . . . and to their server.

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What is Captain America’s Favorite WordPress Plugin?

Captain America once said, “Without my WordPress backup plugin, my website would have been taken down by Hydra and I would have lost everything.” I was in just as much shock as you because I didn’t even know Captain America knew what WordPress was. But here he is, talking about how a plugin saved his site from being shut down. And he could not be more right.

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