Alex G.’s Last IMH Foodie Friday

In honor of Alex G.’s last day with InMotion (of the West Coast Systems Dept.), he got to choose our lunch spot of the day, which was Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ.  And a good choice it was!

Even though I’m still on my health food kick, there were some delicious “semi-healthy” options here.  But I had to give in and have one of their famous biscuits with apple butter!  I’m learning that the key to staying healthy is not completely cutting out the bad stuff, but keeping it to a small portion. In other words, portion control!

For being a chain restaurant, Lucille’s is still pretty high up on the quality BBQ scale.  However, like with almost every restaurant, the food’s better freshly cooked and eaten at the restaurant as opposed to delivery.  But in general, the food’s still quite tasty.  So to no surprise, the West Coast IMH team gave this place a 4.3 star rating, which is one of the highest so far.  You can’t go wrong with good ol’ Southern-style BBQ and sides.

There weren’t any low ratings this time around, so basically, we recommend any of the BBQ items, whether the chicken, ribs, tri trip, etc.  And the sides are excellent as well, such as the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the Southern Braised Greens. And of course, the biscuits and apple butter!

So if you’re into BBQ and Southern-style comfort foods, and feel like shopping before or after, check out Lucille’s at the Westfield Culver City Mall!

And thanks again to Alex for your time here!

Vote 2012 Election Icon Pack

If you’re joining the current political debate, whether it’s on Sodahead or discussing Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ make sure you stamp your presence with one of these nifty badges! Your voice adds weight to shared opinion, and helps towards an educated decision. We’ve developed these icons for you to use free of charge – whether you host a blog, website or debate of your own. All we require is that attribution is given back to

The Topics covered are:

  • Economic Reform
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Click on Image to visit election resources pack


“Healthy” Foodie Friday: Pure Energy Cafe

Starting this past Monday, I decided that it was time for a food consumption makeover.  For the past few months I’ve indulged in tons of unhealthy food, such as lots of processed foods, red meat, dairy, fried foods, etc.  And my body’s finally given me a signal that it’s “No Bueno” for me.  With that in mind, I’ve forced myself to eat more fruits and veggies, less red meat and dairy, and basically more “healthy” choices.  And just within these past 5 days, I actually feel like I have more energy and feel less “bloated” (because of all the sodium I’ve consumed) than the past few weeks!   Now the challenge is keeping this up…

So for today’s Foodie Friday lunch, I wanted to spread the healthy eating with my coworkers and opted for the Pure Energy Cafe located next to the Spectrum Gym across the street. This place offers fresh made salads, sandwiches, soups, and many grilled dishes.  They even offer fresh made juices with health boost powders.

This is the second time I’ve had lunch from this place.  Now I can say both times have been excellent!  The rest of the office had a similar opinion, giving this place a 4 star rating.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste quality!

Today I had the Salmon Over Greens, which was part of their daily specials.  It was delicious!  The salmon was cooked  and seasoned well!  I also got a little daring and tried one of their “Healing Organic Juices,” which was the Potassium Drink.  This was definitely a daring drink because it consisted of spinach, celery, parsley, and carrots.  Needless to say, it tasted like exactly what was in there.  I wouldn’t quite recommend this drink unless you’re a health nut…

Other highly recommended dishes from the team included the Grilled Chicken Chipotle Quesadilla, Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Melt, Tuna & Avocado Melt, Garden Veggie Burger, Southwest Turkey Roll Up, All Natural Sirloin Burger, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, and Rosemary Turkey Burger.  As you can see, a lot of highly recommended items!

The only items that got a below average rating were the Turkey Sandwich and Tomato Basil Soup, just because “they were nothing special.”

However, for the most part, this place is an excellent health food cafe to check out if you’re ever around the Howard Hughes Center!





A Sunny Summer Day With Mendocino Farms…


It’s Friday, July 20th, and it’s finally looking and feeling like summer in Los Angeles!  Just a week ago, the sun seemed to be hiding in fear of the dreaded “Friday the 13th” date.  Seemed like the weather and date correlation was a little too coincidental…yikes.

Well today’s definitely more like the southern California summer that I’m familiar with.  And in celebration of the good weather out, we chose one of the office’s favorite lunch spots, Mendocino Farms, an excellent gourmet sandwich shop!

Mendocino Farms' Spanish Chicken Wrap & Summer Squash Soup

It looks like they’ve made a couple adjustments to their menu, which I’m personally happy about, such as making the Spanish Chicken a regular menu item!  One of my faves! And yes of course, that’s what I ordered today, but as a wrap, plus bacon, and a side of the Summer Squash Soup, yum!

With the exception of a couple of peoples’ sandwiches that were a little off today, everyone gave their order a 4 star and above.  Not surprising since we were basically weekly regulars at Mendocino Farms at the previous office.

Well as I mentioned earlier, there were two orders that were a bit off today. These were the Vegan Shawarma and the Chicken MBT on Rustic White bread.  The Vegan Shawarma didn’t fare so well because the vegan tortilla wasn’t able to hold all the fillings well and became soggy and fell apart.  Maybe go for a bread option if you ever give this item a try.  As for the  Chicken MBT on Rustic White bread, the bread seemed to be a bit oily from the sauces and dressings this time around.

Mendocino Farms' Chicken MBT Sandwich

On the other hand, two people actually gave their orders 5 stars today.  These items were the Sandwich Study of Heat and the Prosciutto and Roasted Chicken, and were quoted to be “Excellent” sandwiches.  And they weren’t the first ones to say that from our past experiences.

Well this time around there were actually a couple of new sandwiches, which were on the summer seasonal menu, that also received high ratings, the Shrimp Po’Boy and the Summer Cubano.  Definitely give these a try while they’re available!  I’ve tried the Shrimp Po’Boy before, and I agree, it’s quite tasty!

Well, since there were a few people out of the office today, the 2 lower rated items kind of skewed the rankings a bit more than usual.  Therefore, this week Mendocino Farms received a 3.8 rating.  But don’t be quick to judge just from one off day, check out our past review of this place, read up on our suggestions, and then try them out for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!

Foodie Friday: Freaky Friday The 13th Edition

It’s Friday, the 13th of July, and it’s gloomy and damp outside.  This is quite unusual weather for southern California during this time of the year.  The weather strangely seems to be connected with this superstitious date because the last time it was Friday the 13th, the weather was the same! Well, I hope it goes back to normal summer SoCal weather after today.

Well here in the office, to add to the eeriness of this day, we’ve been having a Friday The 13th movie marathon playing on our projector screen!   Hmmm, and the guy sitting next to me’s name happens to be “Jason!” …ch…ch…ch…ha…ha…ha…



Hah, okay, on to Foodie Friday…

Today, we opted for another round with Ekkamai Thai.  This time around we gave this place 4.2 stars!  This is about half a star higher than the last time.  I think this time around, everyone had a better idea of what to order from this place.

Pad Ekkamai

The majority of the office ordered noodle dishes such as Pad Ekkamai and Pad See-Ew, which were given high ratings.  I myself ordered the Pad Ekkamai with combination meat (chicken, beef, pork and shrimp).  I personally found all of the types of meat to be a bit under-seasoned, except for the shrimp, which was very tasty!  Next time I’ll know to stick with the shrimp option for this dish.  But overall, the noodles were excellent and full of flavor.

For the rest of the InMotion Hosters, there were some different items this time around that were also given high ratings, such as the Sesame Chicken Salad, Garlic and Pepper Chicken, and the Shrimp and Crab in Curry Sauce.  These were all given 5 stars, so definitely give them a try!

On the other hand, there were a couple dishes that just received average ratings, such as the Chicken Pad Thai dish and the Spicy Mint Noodle with Tofu.

Spicy Mint Noodle w/ Tofu

It seams like this time around, most dishes were very well received, which leaves me to the conclusion that Ekkamai Thai definitely has more to offer than just their noodle dishes.  So next time, I’ll venture out on their menu a bit more!

Oh, and one last thing I forgot to mention, if you haven’t tried Thai Iced Tea before, definitely try it from this place!

Thai Iced Tea

WordPress App – Essential tool for remote blogging

I need to have connection at my fingertips to check in at ease on several of my websites. In fact this has only become a feasible option very recently, and made especially accessible with WordPress Blogging Platform. For my mobile tools, I use a mobile tablet browser, a wifi hotspot, and an iPhone. Each of my browser devices has various apps installed to connect to the websites, including my favorite of course, ‘WordPress’.

You can find and install the free WordPress by Automattic App in both the iTunes App Store, and Google Play. Once installed I keep it handy in the immediate wallpaper on both of my devices.

The WordPress Mobile App

Before you can configure the app, you have to enable remote blogging from your WordPress installation:
Go to Settings >> Followed by ‘Writing’ and scroll down to check the ‘Enable XML-RPC’

Now your mobile devices should be able to connect to the administration of your WordPress, and you’re ready for configuring your mobile client for posting directly to your blog! The difference between using WordPress Client App for remote publishing, is that you avoid the extra steps of logging in via your browser WP-admin page. The App retains an API permission with your administrative back-end, so getting on with productivity is simply faster and skips a lot of navigational clicks down into the system. I have advised many clients to get onto this system, and since they rarely access full administrative interface, I tend to feel a lot more secure that they are not interfering or tweaking with the actual PHP code and site structure.

The WordPress App is very simple to set up:
I select the ‘self-hosted’ for my client’s blogs, it’s pretty useful even for those managing multiple sites.

wordpress app setup

Now that your WordPress app is configured for each of your blogs, I tend to use the tablet for note-taking and constructing articles on the go, and the smaller screened device for keeping up-to-date with incoming comments:

The downside to having this level of connectivity is that you do have to be fairly organized with your time management, your productivity can increase, but not if your addiction to checking in on your hosted blogs takes over your focus for your own relaxation time!

Create your Global Avatar

Have you wondered how there are a few who respond to blog posts with such preparedness their photo appears everywhere? Do they really spend more time than you to upload their profile pictures on every site they comment on? Chances are no, if you go to you can do a one time upload, and everytime you comment on someone’s site your image will show rather than that empty silhouette. It also helps make sure your comment doesn’t go unnoticed, webmasters frequently have to deal with a tonne of spam comments and sifting though comments to authorize legitimate ‘real’ profiles.
If you’re stuck for a suitable photo for your blog commenting addiction, head over to some of these fun suggestions to create your own avatar:

1./ Face Your Manga

Personal favorite, lots of customizations, from freckles, make-up to scars and accesories.

2./ Clay Yourself

Ever wanted to see yourself as a clay model or maquette? Not only can you customize your clay-self, but you can set the stage, script it, and see an animatic of yourself. Screen capture the complete version  to create your avatar.

3./ Digibody’s Caricature Maker

This avatar creator makes you a simple pencil drawing illustration of yourself.

4/ Yahoo! Avatars

Make a cartoon portrait of yourself here with hundreds of options and styles.

5./ Meez

Create a 3D Animated Avatar

This one is a bit memory hungry on the browser and I had difficulty just getting my Java to work. But if you have the patience to wait for your bandwidth consumption with all the adverts on their website the Animated Gif is a cute effect!
Plenty of customizations available.


Pin this FB Filmstrip Hack [Cool Facebook Template]

Download the FB Filmstrip Template here:

Facebook Template

A little while ago we published a Photoshop Template complete with Guidelines so you could create your own Facebook Page Timeline cover. Now here’s a quirky template for you to customize presentations of your Facebook Albums on the Timeline.

You better Pin this useful map of how filmstrips work on Facebook!

a. New Images, Appear Left-to-right. Facebook will automatically present them on your timeline in this order. It’s always the first photo of your set in the primary position, followed by a string in the order you uploaded them underneath. Simple? try to keep it that way as an album of four images at a time, because further uploads to the same album can start to become messy…
b. Further uploads in the same time frame, Right-to-Left. will appear as a film strip with the most recent thumbnail on the left. Facebook will only show the latest 3 uploaded photos. All photos no-matter what their layout will be re-framed to a centralized square of 133px to display as the thumbnail in the film-strip.
c. Additional edits to the album, can end up with your timeline post looking a bit tricky. Removing images from the stream, additions to the album that aren’t in groups of three, will end up in the film strip showing the two earliest un-presented additions to the album in the left-to-right format, with the latest image up front.
d. Highlighted album will show the film strip running Left-To-Right in order of upload, no matter if you swap images around in your album afterwards

Here’s our attempt at the Facebook Album Hack;

I’m looking forward to screencapping a bunch of reader’s responses so get on and show me your FB Hacks!



And The Food Fest Continues…

Today marks the first Friday of Summer 2012!  The sun’s out and about and we’re very fortunate here at the LA InMotion Hosting office to be able to enjoy the clear, sunny skies through our 11th floor view.  Today’s a perfect day to go out and have a picnic, or at least eat picnic-esque food.  So today’s pick was Olive It, Westchester’s neighborhood deli.  They started off as a specialty foods distributor, then moved onto creating their own custom marinades for olives.  These days, they’ve branched out to specializing in fresh sandwiches, Jersey Shore subs, salads, and soups.

Olive It was a perfect fit for a nice sunny day.  The West Coast IMH team gave this place a 3.9 star rating, which is pretty good for this group of foodies.  Olive It really gives you your money’s worth in portion size!  Check out the size of this sub sandwich!

Giant Sub Sandwich
Not only are the portions ridiculous (in a good way), but they give you quality as well!  Their deli meats are quite tasty and they’ve got an excellent selection of side dishes.  I highly recommend their “Mom’s Potato Salad!”  The majority of people who ordered subs were very happy with their selection.  As mentioned earlier, their meat quality is great and the other ingredients, such as the cheeses and veggies were complimentary of each other.

However, the only thing that I think can be improved is their bread quality, or at least their sub rolls.  The bread was a bit too thick and dry for my liking.  But I’d give them another try with another bread option.

On the other hand, one of the only few disappointments from the group was with the Olive It Salad with chicken and feta cheese.  Their reason being was that it was a bit too healthy and an overload of veggies.  So I guess if you opt for this salad, don’t expect to get a hearty meal, though the presentation is nice and colorful.

Olive It Salad

Lastly, the other item that did not get as good of a rating was the Build Your Own Sandwich (on wheat, with tuna, cheddar cheese, and all condiments, but no mayo or oil.)  Basically, “there was nothing special about this sandwich.”

Well, for the most part, the majority of the office gave about a 4 star rating on their food orders today, so if you’re in the mood for a good deli sandwich and are in the Westchester area, definitely give Olive It a try!  One last thing, I just realized that no one here actually tried any of their specialty olives, guess I’ll be going back to give that a try!

Chipotle Sub w/ Roast Beef


Twitter #Chat Times | Auto-copy to your Calendar these Unmissable Social Media Events

Twitter Chat Calendar

twitter chat on #socialmediaEver gone glassy eyed at the constant chatter about social media? It probably gnaws at you somewhere that you’re supposed to join into some ‘senseless nonsense’ just to  have a business presence.

Perhaps you’ve taken a skirting look before through your Chat Client Window and seen the barrage of promoters, all saying their piece of advice on social media. It’s no wonder at that point if you think there’s no room for you in that stream, or as soon as you do tweet something out it would be buried and in effect useless to you.

Well, I’ve curated the best places to start learning! Twitter hashtag chat streams are rather like interactive radio shows, and people flock at various times to tune in. I’ve scheduled a calendar of these chat panels, where you are free to interact with the experts and gain some great business advice on integrating your online business – with social media.

Sunday Twitter Chats:

  • #Likeable with Dave Kerpen – Social Media Trends for marketers to look out for
  • #Blogchat with Mack Collier – All about promoting your Blogsite

Monday Twitter Chats:

  • #MMchat with Jeff Ashcroft focusing on Media Managers, ask the experts.
  • #SocialChat with Alan Knecht You get to drive the conversation!
  • #JournChat with Sarah Evans, interaction for journalists and PR professionals.

Tuesday Twitter Chats:

  • #sMMManners with Dabney Porte – Learn about Social Media Etiquette
  • #SMbiz with John and Chrisanne Sternal – Business chat for businesses on using social media
  • #pr20chat with Heather Whaling – A chat for PR professionals

Wednesday Twitter Chats:

  • #CmgrChat with Jenn Pedde – Community Manager Chat
  • #SMchat with Chris Jones – A different topic on Social Media Each Week
  • #wjchat from @wjchat – tech journalists on the web!

Thursday Twitter Chats:

  • #MyBlogGuest with Anne Smarty – all about getting your guest publications on the road
  • #BWEchat by Blogworld – Keynote speakers, and pro bloggers from Blogworld Expo.

Friday Twitter Chats:

  • #CMGRhangout – Hosted by Tim McDonald for community managers with a live video stream in google hangouts.

Simply auto copy these schedules to your calendar. There’s a feature in this calendar to click on each event. Set your calendar to auto announce upcoming events, so you won’t forget to watch the stream or pose some of those questions you’ve been dying to ask the experts.