Your Instagram Account Could Get Hacked

Meet Jackie! She was an active Instagram user who has over 230k followers. One morning she received an email from what appeared to be “Instagram” asking her to verify her account so they could place a verified badge on her account. Jackie had wanted a verification badge for some time, so she proceeded, clicking the “Verify My Account” button and entering her login information.

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The End of Google+: What it Means for Your Website

This past October, Google announced that they will be shutting down their social network, Google+, for consumers after a data leak. To some this was a shock, and others, not so much.

The reasons that Google gave for shutting down included the lack of use and overall security. They claimed that “90% of Google+ user sessions [were] less than five seconds.” This very clearly shows that users did not intend to visit the social channel, and left immediately after realizing where they were.

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YouTube and How it Can Help You Grow Your Business

When someone mentions social media marketing you probably think of Facebook or Instagram or even LinkedIn. But it’s likely that YouTube never comes to mind. Why?

Many people consider YouTube a “fun” platform – a place for watching silly videos and listening to music, but not for business. Yet think about how many times you personally have used the site to watch “how-to” videos or product demonstrations. Dozens? Hundreds?
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