Shared Hosting, Shared Cloud, and Shared WordPress Hosting – What’s the Difference?

Many website hosting companies offer options featuring shared physical servers and shared cloud servers, and even shared WordPress hosting. The question is: what are the differences between them? The three main shared hosting plans are traditional shared, shared cloud, and WordPress shared.

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Does Shared Hosting Provide Everything I’ll Need?

Shared hosting is a popular option for many people who are looking to start an online presence with the creation of their first website. Shared hosting involves placing your website and its data onto one network server that has other websites stored on it as well. This network server will power your website and make sure that it is accessible on the Internet.

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Benefits of Shared Hosting

Web hosting provides customers and visitors access to your website. While there are multiple options, one of the most popular forms of web hosting services is shared hosting.

As the name implies, shared web hosting allows multiple users with individual Internet domains to share and utilize one web server. Multiple websites can also be set up under one user account.

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