Web Security Basics: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Security begins at your business doorstep; every person you employ, technology deployments, and even vendor relationships can either strengthen your position or expose you to risk. Small businesses are often targets for malicious attacks because of the commonly held belief that they are easy marks. Developing a strategy early on is crucial so that you are not viewed as a piece of low hanging fruit.

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The Importance of SSL for SEO

SSL Certificates – What Are They?

SSL is a type of technology that encrypts data, ensuring that it stays secure as it passes along the internet from computer to computer. This protects all types of data, from credit cards to email addresses and any other information that is collected by a website. An SSL Certificate, also known as a Digital Certificate, is issued by a Certificate Authority, who authenticates the purchasers identity. This not only protects your data, but lets users know that their data is secure from hackers and remains confidential.

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