Protecting Your Website with WordPress Plugins

There are numerous security and backup plugin options for your WordPress site. The plugins are essential if you want to keep your site operating properly and safe from hackers.

These days, your website isn’t just vulnerable to a single hacker sitting in his basement trying to wreak havoc for malicious fun. You can also be victimized by bots – individual automated programs that seek out security flaws to exploit, or organized botnets – a group of automated machines working together to do more damage collectively.

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Web Security Basics: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Security begins at your business doorstep; every person you employ, technology deployments, and even vendor relationships can either strengthen your position or expose you to risk. Small businesses are often targets for malicious attacks because of the commonly held belief that they are easy marks. Developing a strategy early on is crucial so that you are not viewed as a piece of low hanging fruit.

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