Data Privacy Day 2020 Predictions — A Big Year For Personal Security

Data Privacy Day 2020 kicks off all over the Internet today. Buckle up because 2020 promises to be a bumpy year in the world of data. To that effect, we’ve compiled a short list of data privacy predictions for 2020. Will we be accurate in our forecast? In December, we’ll go back and see how prescient we were. But for now, let’s see what the 2020 crystal ball is saying.

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National Computer Security Day – How Volunteers Fixed The Worst Vulnerability On The Web

November 30th is Computer Security Day. It’s easy to take for granted how networks and technology have made life much easier. And it’s even easier to go by without even noticing how much of our daily lives on the Internet rely upon security protocols invented and maintained by people we’ve never heard of. We can’t thank these people if we don’t even know who they are. Continue reading –>

Prevent WordPress Website Hacking with these 3 Tips

Sometimes you just need a few suggestions to get going with a concept. In this case, we want a few tips on how to keep our WordPress website from being hacked. Keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions out of many that will help keep your users and your data secure. For a more in-depth discussion, check out 10 Steps to Better Website Security.

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6 Ways to Secure Your Web Activity From Your Computer

6 Ways to Secure Web Activity From Your Computer

We’re not a computer repair company. But there are many daily tasks that blur the line between your IT helpdesk, or tech savvy friend, and our 24/7 web hosting technical support. Think about how much of what you do daily relates to web hosting. You interact with email, websites, and mobile applications every day. When you have issues regarding any of these, we’re able to at least give you guidance on how to get the right answer if we can’t resolve the issue.

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Website Backups: The Most Powerful Tool in Web Security

It’s a Friday morning and you’ve had a peaceful quiet time after getting up, and it’s time to head to work. You jump in your car and start the commute to your office. On the way in, you stop at the coffee shop and pick up your usual. As you pull out of the coffee shop parking lot, you feel a thump, thump, thump on the front driver side wheel.

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