Vote 2012 Election Icon Pack

If you’re joining the current political debate, whether it’s on Sodahead or discussing Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ make sure you stamp your presence with one of these nifty badges! Your voice adds weight to shared opinion, and helps towards an educated decision. We’ve developed these icons for you to use free of charge – whether you host a blog, website or debate of your own. All we require is that attribution is given back to

The Topics covered are:

  • Economic Reform
  • Health Care Reform
  • Immigration Reform
  • Net Neutrality
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Tax Reform

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Website Highlight: The Best Designs

The hardest part of starting a new business is figuring out where to begin, let alone the design of your company website. For inspiration, I get my feet wet by going to It helps you get familiar with what the current standards of design are and it spurs up ideas that may work for you. Even if you’re not a designer, you can get ideas of what you want and what direction you want your company to go. Not all of the examples are standard business websites. They cover an array of websites, but it’s interesting to see what concepts people come up with when they’re not restricted by basic business type restrictions.

Web Icon Goodies

Have you ever been given the job of building a beautiful website, to find the important choices and design specifications for the eCommerce section omitted from your style sheet? Well, to save you the hassle of resorting to last minute searches, we’ve decided to compile niche icon packs to help you in those last minute website refinements.

Shopping Cart Icons

Our opening selection is the eCommerce icon pack. They are simple, sleek and scalable to maintain design consistency throughout your hosted website. We’ve gone to some effort to include dark and light themes to blend with any colored theme you have already built.

Feel free to give us any feedback on this article about other designs you’d like to see us produce. We’ll be doing a regular round-up of common resources for our audience in this blog, and we look forward to reviewing any of your suggestions. Simply place a comment in the reply section below and we’ll guarantee to take a look.

We have provided the use of this eCommerce icon pack under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). This means it’s free to download and use, as long as attribution is given to InMotion Web Hosting


Is there a Mobile App equivalent to Snagit?

After intense searching and testing, I have found one mobile app that reigns above all others to compare with Snagit‘s unbeatable screenshot educational sharing tool. The winning contender is… PicSay! For those of you who like to engage co-workers and audiences with the wonderful tools offered by Snagit, I knew I had a hard task on my hands to find anything remotely comparable.
For those of you who are wondering why I’m raving Snagit here is a montage of just a few of the cool tools I love in this browser application:

As yet, Techsmith have not yet released a mobile app version of their Screengrabbing tool Snagit. So in the mean time, I was forced on the hunt to find the best available solution. And for anyone that’s vaguely involved in writing and explaining technical content, especially whilst on-the-go, I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a gap in the market for this software.

A search for picture editing and screen capture brings up hundreds of apps for your iOS or Android Mobile device, but they are all geared towards picture effects not ‘in-picture’ frame and layering effects.

With a little work around you can compile just the technical explain it material you need from a screen capture on your mobile device using PicSay:

It can layer objects, but unfortunately not additional segments of screenshots which I would say is the major portion missing from this app that would otherwise make this a near perfect competitor to Snagit.

There are all the usual tools such as rotate, cursor effects, re-framing or canvas resizing. I Particularly love the export feature which is more versatile than Snagit; being able to share to virtually any other app loaded on your mobile device is pretty ingenious!

Overall if you’re looking for a technical explain-it bit of sharing software for screen capture and graphics from your mobile device, then until Snagit comes up with a version, PicSay is the closest app I’ve found.

WordPress App – Essential tool for remote blogging

I need to have connection at my fingertips to check in at ease on several of my websites. In fact this has only become a feasible option very recently, and made especially accessible with WordPress Blogging Platform. For my mobile tools, I use a mobile tablet browser, a wifi hotspot, and an iPhone. Each of my browser devices has various apps installed to connect to the websites, including my favorite of course, ‘WordPress’.

You can find and install the free WordPress by Automattic App in both the iTunes App Store, and Google Play. Once installed I keep it handy in the immediate wallpaper on both of my devices.

The WordPress Mobile App

Before you can configure the app, you have to enable remote blogging from your WordPress installation:
Go to Settings >> Followed by ‘Writing’ and scroll down to check the ‘Enable XML-RPC’

Now your mobile devices should be able to connect to the administration of your WordPress, and you’re ready for configuring your mobile client for posting directly to your blog! The difference between using WordPress Client App for remote publishing, is that you avoid the extra steps of logging in via your browser WP-admin page. The App retains an API permission with your administrative back-end, so getting on with productivity is simply faster and skips a lot of navigational clicks down into the system. I have advised many clients to get onto this system, and since they rarely access full administrative interface, I tend to feel a lot more secure that they are not interfering or tweaking with the actual PHP code and site structure.

The WordPress App is very simple to set up:
I select the ‘self-hosted’ for my client’s blogs, it’s pretty useful even for those managing multiple sites.

wordpress app setup

Now that your WordPress app is configured for each of your blogs, I tend to use the tablet for note-taking and constructing articles on the go, and the smaller screened device for keeping up-to-date with incoming comments:

The downside to having this level of connectivity is that you do have to be fairly organized with your time management, your productivity can increase, but not if your addiction to checking in on your hosted blogs takes over your focus for your own relaxation time!

Website Freebies – Website highlight of the week

I mainly go to when I need some good freebies. It’s a blog website mainly for graphic inspiration but they have a lot of good resources too. I come across some good quality typefaces and icon sets on here.

You can also find some Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials, and free downloads for brushes, layer styles, vector illustrations, and so on. They provide a lot of examples of work to get you thinking about your next project for things such as logo designs, website designs, and type treatments.

Besides being a good source for designers, the blog is also geared towards other fine art professionals such as illustrators and 3D animators, so you’ll find a lot of artsy imagery on here too.

Create your Global Avatar

Have you wondered how there are a few who respond to blog posts with such preparedness their photo appears everywhere? Do they really spend more time than you to upload their profile pictures on every site they comment on? Chances are no, if you go to you can do a one time upload, and everytime you comment on someone’s site your image will show rather than that empty silhouette. It also helps make sure your comment doesn’t go unnoticed, webmasters frequently have to deal with a tonne of spam comments and sifting though comments to authorize legitimate ‘real’ profiles.
If you’re stuck for a suitable photo for your blog commenting addiction, head over to some of these fun suggestions to create your own avatar:

1./ Face Your Manga

Personal favorite, lots of customizations, from freckles, make-up to scars and accesories.

2./ Clay Yourself

Ever wanted to see yourself as a clay model or maquette? Not only can you customize your clay-self, but you can set the stage, script it, and see an animatic of yourself. Screen capture the complete version  to create your avatar.

3./ Digibody’s Caricature Maker

This avatar creator makes you a simple pencil drawing illustration of yourself.

4/ Yahoo! Avatars

Make a cartoon portrait of yourself here with hundreds of options and styles.

5./ Meez

Create a 3D Animated Avatar

This one is a bit memory hungry on the browser and I had difficulty just getting my Java to work. But if you have the patience to wait for your bandwidth consumption with all the adverts on their website the Animated Gif is a cute effect!
Plenty of customizations available.


Pin this FB Filmstrip Hack [Cool Facebook Template]

Download the FB Filmstrip Template here:

Facebook Template

A little while ago we published a Photoshop Template complete with Guidelines so you could create your own Facebook Page Timeline cover. Now here’s a quirky template for you to customize presentations of your Facebook Albums on the Timeline.

You better Pin this useful map of how filmstrips work on Facebook!

a. New Images, Appear Left-to-right. Facebook will automatically present them on your timeline in this order. It’s always the first photo of your set in the primary position, followed by a string in the order you uploaded them underneath. Simple? try to keep it that way as an album of four images at a time, because further uploads to the same album can start to become messy…
b. Further uploads in the same time frame, Right-to-Left. will appear as a film strip with the most recent thumbnail on the left. Facebook will only show the latest 3 uploaded photos. All photos no-matter what their layout will be re-framed to a centralized square of 133px to display as the thumbnail in the film-strip.
c. Additional edits to the album, can end up with your timeline post looking a bit tricky. Removing images from the stream, additions to the album that aren’t in groups of three, will end up in the film strip showing the two earliest un-presented additions to the album in the left-to-right format, with the latest image up front.
d. Highlighted album will show the film strip running Left-To-Right in order of upload, no matter if you swap images around in your album afterwards

Here’s our attempt at the Facebook Album Hack;

I’m looking forward to screencapping a bunch of reader’s responses so get on and show me your FB Hacks!



Decisions: Mac Book Air vs Mac Book Pro Retina

Help Maria out everybody. She’s been anxiously waiting the release of the Mac Book Retina Pro these last few weeks, and to add to the painfully slow decision we’re all following, everyone else in the office is jumping on the consumerism bandwagon and talking up the next latest tech buy.

Stay tuned this week as our creative team here at InMotion Hosting all make their choices in what they are planning to invest in, be it the top Pad, Notebook, Laptop, or various Macs from the Apple family.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help Maria out much, all this geek talk of various specifications is just growing the want list. So I decided to throw it out there to you folks and help her make her decision. It’s like pulling teeth, because despite having settled on getting a Mac for creative purposes, their family of laptops has an incredible array of choice, overlap, and pricing purposefully to part you from your money. As I’ll now go on to explain:

On the left, the fully specced out Mac Book Air | On the right the Mac Book Pro Retina Base model

Mac Book Air vs Mac Book Pro Retina


Well my Dell laptop has already blown up several times and is six years old – so I’ve been thinking about getting a MacBook…

Maria! I think it’s past time to invest in a replacement, don’t you think? (Not that we’re putting the consumer pressure on her.) Anyway that said, her background is in sound production – Yes there are all sorts here at InMotion.


I’ll be just using it for sound production, D-J software etc. I don’t do any video editing or imagery work so much. So as long as it can render this stuff with multiple channels fast…

Mac Book Retina Pro Pricing
“but it’s only $400 more..”


Here was my suggestion:

Seeing as you’re doing sound editing, don’t bother spending on the Retina Model! Save the $400 towards extra software or add-on hardware for your home music studio.

It’s not helped by the fact that everyone has their little bit of input on what they are buying and why. Pretty amazing that Mac of all brands has managed to stop Marketing AND Development departments in it’s tracks to stare dumbfounded at the latest new toys.

Work literally ground to a halt as we all crowded around to stare at Andrew’s new Mac Book Retina Pro Base model. The same one Maria is considering, only he uses it for the Xcode SDK, and those coding texts look so crisp maybe I don’t need glasses after all?


Stop Working - Andrew's Retina!

Here’s what everyone else had to say:

Mike (Marketing Manager): [He was going to go for the Retina Model I believe]

I went to see it, and it made the internet look crap. Big disappointment for me because I don’t do enough video stuff to warrant me staring at a crap internet screen all day. I think I’ll wait out ’till the next round of Apple releases.

The debate has caused a stir at all levels of the company, Bob (Executive Level) has already committed to buying the Latest Fully specced Mac Book Air.

It’s faster than my old Mac Book Pro, and cheaper than upgrading. Since I only do a bit of video editing I wasn’t going to warrant going for the retina screen either. It’s fast enough for my Office editing, and occasional rendering.

I think that’s in-line with industry consensus. Unless you’re a Photographer, or full time Video Editor, going for the Retina Family will put you in a bracket of spending for those requirements at least double that of the PC family, which is where I’ll probably end up in my personal decision tree later on.

Waiting to see if Maria will snap out of the glassy eyed ooing.. help her out bods and share your decisions with us. Is the Mac Book Air good enough for sound production? Leave her a note:

Twitter #Chat Times | Auto-copy to your Calendar these Unmissable Social Media Events

Twitter Chat Calendar

twitter chat on #socialmediaEver gone glassy eyed at the constant chatter about social media? It probably gnaws at you somewhere that you’re supposed to join into some ‘senseless nonsense’ just to  have a business presence.

Perhaps you’ve taken a skirting look before through your Chat Client Window and seen the barrage of promoters, all saying their piece of advice on social media. It’s no wonder at that point if you think there’s no room for you in that stream, or as soon as you do tweet something out it would be buried and in effect useless to you.

Well, I’ve curated the best places to start learning! Twitter hashtag chat streams are rather like interactive radio shows, and people flock at various times to tune in. I’ve scheduled a calendar of these chat panels, where you are free to interact with the experts and gain some great business advice on integrating your online business – with social media.

Sunday Twitter Chats:

  • #Likeable with Dave Kerpen – Social Media Trends for marketers to look out for
  • #Blogchat with Mack Collier – All about promoting your Blogsite

Monday Twitter Chats:

  • #MMchat with Jeff Ashcroft focusing on Media Managers, ask the experts.
  • #SocialChat with Alan Knecht You get to drive the conversation!
  • #JournChat with Sarah Evans, interaction for journalists and PR professionals.

Tuesday Twitter Chats:

  • #sMMManners with Dabney Porte – Learn about Social Media Etiquette
  • #SMbiz with John and Chrisanne Sternal – Business chat for businesses on using social media
  • #pr20chat with Heather Whaling – A chat for PR professionals

Wednesday Twitter Chats:

  • #CmgrChat with Jenn Pedde – Community Manager Chat
  • #SMchat with Chris Jones – A different topic on Social Media Each Week
  • #wjchat from @wjchat – tech journalists on the web!

Thursday Twitter Chats:

  • #MyBlogGuest with Anne Smarty – all about getting your guest publications on the road
  • #BWEchat by Blogworld – Keynote speakers, and pro bloggers from Blogworld Expo.

Friday Twitter Chats:

  • #CMGRhangout – Hosted by Tim McDonald for community managers with a live video stream in google hangouts.

Simply auto copy these schedules to your calendar. There’s a feature in this calendar to click on each event. Set your calendar to auto announce upcoming events, so you won’t forget to watch the stream or pose some of those questions you’ve been dying to ask the experts.