Why Small Businesses Love WordPress Websites

First impressions count. And if you have a small business, your first contact with anyone new will likely be on your website. That’s why it not only has to look great but also needs to work well – because if it doesn’t, those visitors will bounce before you know what happened. In fact, according to a study by Taylor & Francis, you only have 50 milliseconds to make an impression. 50 milliseconds. Let that sink in.

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Prevent Eyestrain and Meltdowns: Avoid Burnout at Work

Avoid burnout at work

Are you spending too much time in front of the computer screen? Whether you’re a business owner with many employees or you’re a worker within a large organization, you’re probably spending most of your day in front of a computer screen (even as you’re reading this post). We work with knowledge workers every day from designers to developers to bloggers and large agencies with hundreds of clients. We know how demanding these jobs can be in terms of time and energy; and they all involve many rigorous hours in front of a computer screen.

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What is a Brute Force Attack

Every day, it seems that there are frightening new announcements about how easy it is to be hacked and how much of your data may already be in the hands of cyber-criminals. Malware, ransomware, data breaches, Trojan viruses — all these terms have now become part of our vernacular; indeed, these are the kinds of computer problems that make IT experts start to sweat.

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Tips to Marketing Your Essential Oil Business Online

Essential oils have been used for years in everything from perfumes to scented candles; they’re currently seeing an amazing resurgence in popularity throughout the country.

People are buying essential oils for two main reasons. First, they are purported to be a remedy for a plethora of health problems including digestive issues, insomnia, congestion, and even PMS. The other reason why people are turning to essential oils is that they offer an all-natural, chemical-free path to feel healthier.

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How Apple’s Simple Marketing is Successful

It’s hard to believe, but Apple was once the underdog. Back in the day, they lived in the shadow of Microsoft, struggling to make a name for themselves.

Luckily, Steve Jobs was a master of marketing. With his skill, the company was able to move up from the bottom of the pile to become the hundred-billion-dollar giant they are today. Now, marketing managers from industries across the board study Apple to figure out what makes them so successful.

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