Grub Time @ IMH!

It’s Friday afternoon here at InMotion Los Angeles, and it’s pretty darn silent in the office. (cue the crickets chirping…)

Why you ask?!?  Well, 2 words…FOOD COMA!  This is courtesy of BJ’s Brewhouse for Foodie Friday!  If you’re not familiar with their food, think of a less fancy version of The Cheesecake Factory, but just as decadent.  Besides their award winning beers (which we of course didn’t have here at the office, boo!), they’re also known for their deep dish pizzas and Pizookies!  If you don’t know what a Pizookie is, it’s basically a giant cookie baked in a deep dish tray and topped with ice cream and whipped cream (and they have a variety of scrumptious flavors!).  Our Marketing Dept. decided to share the Cookies ‘N Cream Pizoooookkiiee. Oh man…
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Foooodie Friday! #FF

It’s Friday…and you know what that means here at the InMotion west coast office…Foodie Friday!

I was out of the office with family last week, which meant a non-stop food fest (’cause that’s just what we do I guess heh). So this week, I tried my best to keep my lunch order somewhat healthy to make up for the past weekend of binging.
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Foodie Friday The 13th! #FF

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today’s rainy, gloomy weather here in Los Angeles is quite fitting for the infamous Friday the 13th! The closest thing to seeing black cats around the office was seeing a few creepy black crows circling past the windows seemingly looking for food. Yikes! Guess they can smell our food coming…or is it another type of food they’re looking for (IE – humans)…aaahhh!!! Okay…I think I’ve been watching too many zombie flicks hehe.
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Not Just Another Foodie Friday! #FF


Foodie Friday is back! But this Friday is quite a special Friday for us InMotion Hosters here at he NEW LA office! Tonight’s the official “housewarming” for the new space!

With much anticipation for tonight’s festivities, we started off by keeping our lunch selection close to home and tried out one of the handful of choices in the food court across the street. I must say, we’re pretty lucky to have a solid selection of tasty treats just a hop, skip, and a jump away.
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The Apple Craze!

When working for a tech company, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll run into a few tech gadget early adoptors. In our case, we have plenty of Apple enthusiasts that just “have to have” the latest releases of their products. If you’re an Apple enthusiast yourself or are simply aware of the latest Apple craze, then you know about the new iPad hype.
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InMotion’s Foodie Fridays! #FF

Yay for Foodie Fridays!

Welcome to the second installment of InMotion Hosting’s Foodie Friday! Today’s pick, Jino’s Pars, was an interesting mixture of a two in one restaurant. By interesting I mean Persian and Italian food, with two separate menus. But since we’re in LA, it’s actually not that strange of a combination being that we have restaurants around here where you can get Louisiana Fried Chicken and Chinese food at the same place. Go figure!
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Welcome to IMH Foodie Fridays! #FF

Every Friday at InMotion Hosting, the west coast office employees get to choose where to order lunch (thanks to Todd and Sunil by the way)!

For the first official installment of IMH Foodie Fridays at our new Howard Hughes Center location, we chose the nearby Hangar19 mesquite grill. They specialize in gourmet grilled sandwiches and American side dishes, such as BBQ baked beans, garlic mashed potatoes and the more elaborate jalapeno corn pudding.
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