Foodie Friday Continues! Time For Some Lemonade…

Welcome back to another edition of InMotion Hosting’s Foodie Fridays!  It’s finally feeling like winter time here in Los Angeles with today’s rainy and cooler weather.  With that in mind, everyone agreed to have some type of home-style comfort food, but still keep it somewhat healthy. And a perfect place for that kind of food here in LA is Lemonade, “Southern California Comfort Food.”

Don’t let the name throw you off, they actually do serve lemonade…and, in different flavors!  Check out their menu. But they also specialize in excellent marketplace salads, braises, sandwiches, AND delicious desserts!

Check out these pics:

Needless to say, the office gave Lemonade a 4.2 star rating.  We highly recommend the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Red Miso Beef Short Rib Braises, and definitely try the Jalapeno Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese.  It’s to die for!

And if you’re a vegetarian or just want a large variety of freshly tossed salads, this is the place to go.  Oh, and don’t forget to try their desserts and lemonades!  My fave is their Red Velvet Cupcake, yum!

InMotion Hosting Pumpkin Carving Contest

Today was quite a festive day at the Los Angeles InMotion Hosting office!  To celebrate Halloween time, we held our first pumpkin carving contest.

It was a nice way to get everyone together and do a little team building activity to change up our daily routines.  Everyone got pretty creative and had a great time doing some arts and crafts. For a couple InMotion team members, this was actually their first time ever to carve a pumpkin!

But since this was a contest, the winner was…

The creepy pumpkin face by Juliana!

Happy Halloween!

Foodie Friday: InMotion’s LA Marketing Team Welcomes A New Member

This week at InMotion Hosting Los Angeles, we welcomed Mia, SEM Manager, into our Marketing Department. She had the honors of choosing this week’s Foodie Friday destination, in which she opted for Greek food.  This was a great choice because we’ve all been meaning to try out Big Fat Pita, which has been highly recommended by Jeff in our Marketing Department.

Mia Enjoying Her 1st InMotion Foodie Friday

Needless to say, with an average rating of 4.4 stars, everyone was quite satisfied with today’s lunch choice.  One of the highest ratings we’ve given so far!  Who would’ve thought that a Greek “fast food” place at the mall would be this good!

To keep it short and simple, here are the highest rated items from this place:

Mousaka and side of Big Fat Pita Fries

Mousaka & Big Fat Pita Fries

Big Fat Pita w/ Gyro

Big Fat Gyro Pita

The Olympian Plate with Grilled Tofu Kabob

The Olympian w/ Grilled Tofu

Avgolemono Soup

Avgolemono Soup

Greek Salad with Salmon

Salmon Greek Salad

And last, but not least…

Chocolate Baklava!

Chocolate Baklava

As you can see, we were all happy foodies today!

Juliana Enjoying Her Mousaka

Foodie Friday: Pizza Party!

Welcome to another edition of InMotion Hosting LA’s Foodie Fridays!  So it’s looking like we’ve been falling off the wagon a bit on trying to stick to healthier options.  But today was an exception because we gave the lunch choice to one of our team members who just celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Her option was for Compari’s Trattoria/Pizzeria, located just one exit south of us on the 405 freeway.

It’s hard to sticking to healthy options at an Italian restaurant.  Unless you just eat a salad, every other option is pretty carb-heavy or smothered with cheese.  So your best bet to be somewhat health-conscious is PORTION CONTROL! Lol, at least that’s what I say to myself.

This place got an above average rating from our team being given 3.9 stars.  This is a pretty decent Italian place to try out.  We highly recommend the Eggplant Parmigiana, whether it’s the sandwich or the plate.  The breaded eggplant itself was very well seasoned!  As far as the pizza goes, it’s pretty much slightly above average.


But you gotta remember, we’re getting delivery, so the majority of the hot foods we get delivered would most likely be much better fresh from the kitchen.  Regardless, I’d definitely give this place another shot and try out one of their specialty dishes, such as the Lobster Ravioli, yum!

And The Apple Craze Continues…

Here at the Los Angeles InMotion office, we’ve got quite a few Apple fanboys that were eager to get their hands on Apple’s new release, the iPhone 5.  Here’s a firsthand review from Andrew, an IMH web designer and excited new iPhone 5 owner.

Andrew & His New iPhone 5

“I’ve been using Apple’s latest iPhone since Friday afternoon. The iPhone 5 is unquestionably the most iconic smartphone, and every new release is met with much hype. Is the iPhone 5 a worthy new addition to the Apple lineup or does it fall short of expectations? Read my quick review to find out.

The iPhone 5 is super lightweight, especially compared to the beefy iPhone 4/4S. It’s only .07 inches thinner than its predecessors, but it’s noticeable while holding it. This thing is made out of the glass and textured aluminum on the back. I like the new backplate, though aluminum can (and will) scratch and dent (better than shattering glass I suppose). The new colored metal rim on the black/slate version really brings the whole design together.

The new iPhone boasts an all around spec bump compared to its predecessors. The size of the high-res display was increased to 4” and is slightly improved. Coming from an iPhone 4, I was mainly looking forward to increased speed that the new processor, better RAM, and new 4G connectivity bring. Everything feels snappier, from installing/launching new apps to streaming music from Spotify, to using graphics intensive apps like games. The already top-notch camera from previous generations sees a slight spec increase as well. Oh, and the headphone jack is on the bottom now. It’s next to a smaller adapter… and it’s not micro USB…

Some notable new features include Facetime over 3G, Panorama camera mode, Passbook, and new Maps. Apple has been trying to distance itself from all things Google and subsequently it ditched the Google Maps powered app for an all new Apple created app with a great look and feel. Much has been made of the strange and comical issues that have been found in the app, but it’s not a software issue as much as a data issue. Google has tons of it. Apple doesn’t. Many POIs are missing or incorrect. I have little doubt that Apple and its partners will improve their pool of map data, but it will take time. I think Apple let the cat out of the bag a bit too early on this one.

Which leads me to my second point. iOS seems stagnant. It’s now catching up to the rest of the field with features. If Apple’s decision was to invest engineering time and money, replacing a Map app that just worked on its devices with something just barely good enough, then it’s a sad day for iFans. Apple has enormous software talent and iOS is still a great product. I’d just like to see it shine.

My opinion (having used several Android and RIM phones) is that Apple’s phone industrial design is second to none. The iPhone 5 is an all around improvement on an already great product. iOS is still pleasant to use, but I worry about how it will evolve (or fail to evolve) with the times.

If you have an iPhone 4 then this upgrade is a no brainer. If you have a 4S and are happy with your device, then save some money and wait until the inevitable iPhone 5S. Not like any of my fellow office iGeeks will heed my advice…”

Apple Fanboys

Foodie Friday: Chicken ‘n Shuttles…

Today was quite an eventful and adventurous day for us here at the Los Angeles InMotion office.  First off, we were able to witness history in the making as the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its rounds all over Los Angeles for it’s final journey before retirement, which has been all over the news today.

Though the picture below does not do any justice (everyone in the office only had camera phones on hand), we actually had a great view of the shuttle piggy-backing a jumbo jet, and being escorted by a couple smaller jets.  Quite an amazing sight to see!

But here’s a better pic…

In other news, we decided to be adventurous with our lunch option today and tried out Dinah’s Family Restaurant down the street from our office.  A few people were a bit hesitant to try it out because of a couple people’s opinions, but I say you gotta judge for yourself.

This is place is known for their fried chicken, so fried chicken’s what I got.

Dinah's Fried Chicken

As far as their chicken goes, I can honestly say I’ve had better.  It was a little dry, and the batter was slightly above average.  However, their side dished were pretty good.  I really liked their mashed potatoes and gravy, and their mac and cheese was nice and creamy, though it needed a little salt.

But the star of my meal today was their Banana Cream Pie.  It was amazing!  I’d definitely go back to try out all their other homemade pies!

Dinah's Banana Cream Pie

Other high rated items from Dinah’s was their BBQ Chicken, Fried Fish Fillets, and the Special Club Sandwich.

Dinah's BBQ Chicken

Overall, the office gave Dinah’s Family Restaurant a 3.75 star rating.  One IMH team member quoted “all pretty standard stuff here, nothing amazing, but solid.”  I’d have to agree, with the exception of their amazing pies!

Dinah's Box of Fish

Foodie Friday: InMotion Welcomes Sam To The West Coast Systems Team

This past week, the LA InMotion office welcomed Sam, who transferred across the country from the Virginia Beach InMotion systems team.  And since he’s the “new” guy in this office, he had the honors of choosing this week’s Foodie Friday lunch.

Being new to the area, he asked the team for some suggestions.  So a safe choice that everyone in the office liked was good ol’ Mendocino Farms.

Sam & His Korean Short Rib Sandwich

This time around, I tried out one their new Fall seasonal sandwiches, which was the Korean Short Rib Sandwich (plus bacon!).  Sam also had the same sandwich (minus the bacon).

Korean Short Rib Sandwich & Jeff's Homemade Cookie

We both agreed that this sandwich was excellent!  The short rib meat was tender and the sesame chili glaze gave the meat a great sweet and slightly spicy flavor.  In addition, the cucumber-carrot kimchee, pickled red onions, and Asian pear relish were all very complimentary to the sandwich’s overall flavor!

Modern Tuna Melt on Gluten Free Bread & Squash Soup

The majority of the office also gave their lunches an above average rating, making this week’s total rating 4 stars.

Juliana & Her Chicken MBT

Other highly recommended items from Mendocino Farms were the Singaporean Dosa Wrap (which is another Fall seasonal item), the Sophisticated Chicken Salad, and the Modern Tuna Melt.

Singaporean Dosa Wrap

So as I’ve said before, Mendocino Farms is an excellent choice for fresh, gourmet sandwiches and salads.  Oh, and their soups and side salads are excellent too!

Korean Short Rib Sandwich (with Bacon) & Squash Soup

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Alex G.’s Last IMH Foodie Friday

In honor of Alex G.’s last day with InMotion (of the West Coast Systems Dept.), he got to choose our lunch spot of the day, which was Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ.  And a good choice it was!

Even though I’m still on my health food kick, there were some delicious “semi-healthy” options here.  But I had to give in and have one of their famous biscuits with apple butter!  I’m learning that the key to staying healthy is not completely cutting out the bad stuff, but keeping it to a small portion. In other words, portion control!

For being a chain restaurant, Lucille’s is still pretty high up on the quality BBQ scale.  However, like with almost every restaurant, the food’s better freshly cooked and eaten at the restaurant as opposed to delivery.  But in general, the food’s still quite tasty.  So to no surprise, the West Coast IMH team gave this place a 4.3 star rating, which is one of the highest so far.  You can’t go wrong with good ol’ Southern-style BBQ and sides.

There weren’t any low ratings this time around, so basically, we recommend any of the BBQ items, whether the chicken, ribs, tri trip, etc.  And the sides are excellent as well, such as the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the Southern Braised Greens. And of course, the biscuits and apple butter!

So if you’re into BBQ and Southern-style comfort foods, and feel like shopping before or after, check out Lucille’s at the Westfield Culver City Mall!

And thanks again to Alex for your time here!