Constant Contact Mega Marketing Event – Orange County Jan. 15th 2015


InMotion Hosting is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor for the Southern California Constant Contact Mega Marketing event throughout 2015. As the only Platinum Sponsor of the event, we are working to develop an out of box solution for those who are looking to get their site up without any development work on their end.  Our first event this year was in Santa Ana over in our neighboring county of Orange. Continue reading “Constant Contact Mega Marketing Event – Orange County Jan. 15th 2015”

Affiliate Summit West 2015 – Las Vegas, NV. Jan 18-20th 2015


Affiliate Summit is the one main event for affiliates that we attend every year. We’ve been an exhibitor for the past several years, and we are always excited to meet new and old affiliates alike.  This year, we had the entire Affiliate team attend and get a feel for this mega event. Over 6000 attendees were present in Las Vegas for the show, and we raffled off a Go Pro Camera as well as one of those popular drones everyone keeps talking about. Continue reading “Affiliate Summit West 2015 – Las Vegas, NV. Jan 18-20th 2015”

Top Open Source Applications



PrestaShop is one of the fastest growing e-commerce solutions in the market. Prestashop is incredibly user friendly and has a great interface that makes it much easier to setup and manage than some of the traditional platforms like Opencart. With support and technical help available from all regions of the world, PrestaShop has quickly gained a reputation as an all in one e-commerce provider.


The most unique aspect of the Joomla CMS is the way in which the organization is structured. The Joomla! Project takes into account everyone’s feedback and tries to develop Joomla with all the users/developers in mind. Therefore, virtually anyone can become an integral part of the project by just contributing. Whether it’s code, sponsorships, or helping out in forums, you become a true community member from the first day you join. With most of the other CMS platforms, there is usually a straight hierarchy or a chain of command where decisions are made on what features/components/versions to develop next. With Joomla!, that is decided upon by all the users and developers involved. This can make processes a bit longer to complete, but it ensures that everyone’s feedback is taken into account. From an end user perspective, there is definitely a higher learning curve with Joomla! than say WordPress, but the people who are devoted fans say it is the best out there.


You may be surprised that the many of the websites that you see on the internet actually use WordPress.  Originally intended as a blogging platform, WordPress has extended its functional reach through continual development and thousands of plugins – many of which are free.  These plugins allow the application to handle website needs such as image galleries, ecommerce shops, and forms – to list a few.  It is often classified as a CMS (Content Management System) because of its flexible nature. Add to this the many thousands of themes that allow you to quickly change its appearance and it’s easy to understand why WordPress is the most used open source application on the internet.  WordPress is easy to use and there are many avenues of support including many tutorials in the InMotion Hosting Support Center. Check out WordPress and you’ll find out why it is the top solution for your website building needs.


Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems online. Drupal is the oldest of the Big 3 (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal), being established in 2001. It is an open source application that is built upon PHP and MySQL. Drupal was conceived as an enterprise system and powers websites like Drupal has several advantages that make it a power player in the CMS community. It is extremely flexible and can build anything from a small blog to an enterprise level site supporting millions of users. It was built to be search engine friendly from the very start. The Drupal software is very stable and can serve thousands of users at the same time. It is also very developer-friendly, and developers can easily create their own modules and custom solutions.

An Affiliate Manager’s Tale: Joomla! World Conference 2013

I had the privilege of attending the 2nd Annual Joomla! World Conference this past November 8th – 10th in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. With InMotion Hosting as a sponsor once again to support the Open Source Community, we were part of an amazing group of passionate developers, end users, and supporters.


The Joomla! World Conference was one of the most unique events ever. I don’t say this lightly. I have been to tons of shows and conferences, but there is something special about the Joomla! community that sets these events apart from others.
Continue reading “An Affiliate Manager’s Tale: Joomla! World Conference 2013”

Dropbox and Google Drive

How Dropbox is keeping my business.

I’ve had a free Dropbox account for a couple of years now. It’s a very handy way to keep files and information that you need frequently in the cloud. Very straightforward and easy to use. As the name implies, just drop some files into your Dropbox folder, and everything gets synced and stored in the cloud.

But a few weeks ago, a new player ventured into my world., a direct competitor to Dropbox, offered me 5GB of free storage. Considering that Dropbox only gives you 2GB to start, I decided to switch my cloud storage provider. It was painless, seamless, and integrated within a matter of minutes with my Android phone. I started to upload some of the files that I had in Dropbox to Box. Consumer perception was that the two services were pretty much identical, but one offered more storage. So who would I go with? No brainer, right?

But what happened next really stuck in my head as an ingenious way to deal with new competitors and threats to your business model; offer a service that’s new and innovative. Now that is easier said than done, but I’m pretty positive that what Dropbox did was planned for months, if not years in advance.

Dropbox knew that competition was inevitable. So how do you keep the customers that you currently have with you? When I was offered the 5GB of storage, I switched without hesitation because there was no difference in the two services. A few days after I had moved everything to my Box account, Dropbox sent me an email letting me know that I could sync my photos on my phone automatically without having to manually upload them. Since pictures and videos are probably one of our most prized assets, backing them up is generally a good idea. Now it was going to do it for me automatically? Awesome. So I clicked through a few buttons, and voilà!…all of my photos on my phone were in the cloud. After I took a picture, it would automatically send the pic to my Dropbox folder. Ingenious. Once again it was painless, seamless, and integrated within minutes. However this time around, it left an impression in my brain. I didn’t switch back to Dropbox because it offered more storage space. It offered me a service that I wanted to use. This simple feature, which could have been available years ago, was strategically launched after came into the scene, so that it could ward off their threats.

Now with Google Drive, Google is planning to enter the cloud storage scene, where they’ll be offering 5GB of storage to start. ( But this time around, I won’t be switching unless Google offers some type of added value. Innovation has kept me a happy and now loyal fan of Dropbox.