Best Practices for Online Marketing

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The best way for you to exercise your marketing muscles is to jump in and immediately get yourself going with your planning and strategies.  Best marketing practices should start with first setting proper expectations while concentrating on the competition, consistency, and conversion of your efforts. 

You should also make use of the tools around you including the examples set by the successful companies that are your competitors or peers.  We will focus on 7 lessons that you can learn from simply observing how Apple delivers its marketing materials to the public.

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Finding the Best Hosting for WordPress

The Best Hosting for WordPress - Key Factors and Features (article image)

How do you find the best hosting for WordPress? First you will need to have a little bit of knowledge of the hosting servers that are offered along with a general estimation of their costs.  Then, you should know the features that identify a good host, other key factors that are part of a good hosting service, and how to make the most of the host that you select. Finally, we will go over why we believe that InMotion Hosting is the best hosting for WordPress.

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5 Common Questions about Reseller Hosting

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When people hear the term “reseller hosting” it is typically met with stares of confusion. To make it easier to understand, this article provides five of the most commonly asked questions in regards to this type of web hosting.  Providing a web hosting service to your clients is usually the focus of a web hosting company, but with reseller hosting, you become the host and you determine how you will charge and support your clients.

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Working Remotely Through the Internet

Working Remotely

Working remotely through the internet may include having to access a web-based application, updating or creating client websites, or simply interacting with your co-workers through web-based productivity suites or other applications. Many of us who are used to working in an office space may not be familiar with working away from the desktops that are anchored on an office desk. 

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