Are You Looking for Cheap VPS Hosting?

If it’s time to switch to a virtual private server (VPS), choosing a reliable and cheap VPS hosting provider may be challenging. Each provider offers different features and package types all for a wide variety of pricing. In this article, we’ll share with tips to help you find cheap VPS hosting.

A VPS gives you the solid foundation needed to support your traffic at any given time.

One untrusted website on an shared server can cause a full IP block, affecting your social proof, traffic, and the reliability of your website. A dedicated IP address means you can work like normal without accidental blocks because of someone else’s unreliability.

VPS hosting allows more customization of your server over Shared hosting. In a shared environment, all of the websites rely on one another’s resource management and software to continue working properly. Because of this, a shared server will limit the software you can install and can possibly go down due to too much traffic.

A VPS allows you power and flexibility in customization. In addition, you can set up your resource allocation in a way that makes your site as efficient as possible.

Many people who try to stay with free web solutions will run into problems. In many cases, these free providers don’t allow you to own 100% of the site. If your website needs upgrades, the cost of that upgrade with a free service can be painful.

Things to Look for When Shopping for a Cheap VPS Hosting Solution

If you’re in the market for cheap VPS hosting, there are a few things to watch for.

Initial Price Deals – Most hosting providers will offer a low initial price offer. Pay attention to the fine print. How long will your contract be? When will the low initial price change, and can your company afford that cost at that time? Can you afford to tie yourself to the contract length? Some companies offer short-term contracts, but most will offer a year, three years, or five in exchange for the initial low price.

Operating Systems – Do they offer Linux or Windows-based servers? And if so, can you decide which one to use? Some won’t mention which operating system is running on their servers. When it comes to website maintenance, this can be an issue.

Length of Contract – Some companies will let you go month-to-month while many prefer longer term contracts. Look at your pricing tiers and determine which gives you the results you need at the price you can afford. It might not be a bad idea to test drive a hosting company with a month-to-month initial trial.

Bandwidth Options – Look for hosting companies that offer a variety of bandwidth options to meet your needs. Be wary of the term “unlimited” as that’s a misnomer. Your bandwidth options are limited by the physical restrictions of the equipment and network connections.

Managed vs Self-Managed Options – Do they offer management or self-management solutions? You should thoroughly investigate what you have access to, especially when it comes to technical support.

When you’re looking for cheap VPS hosting, make sure you do your research and you’ll come out on top. Learn about InMotion Hosting’s cheap VPS hosting plans.

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