Are Dedicated Servers Trending?

Web Hosting Trends | Dedicated Servers

Cloud VPS hosting is on the rise where advances in technology are improving their security and computing power. Dedicated server hosting and its infrastructure aren’t slipping behind though. In fact, here are four ways dedicated servers are meeting and exceeding today’s top trends.

Customizable Control and Accessibility

Gone are the days of providing basic, one-size-fits-all web hosting services. With the online content-driven market now being the most prevalent business space, companies and entrepreneurs need the capability to stay ahead and the technical support to do it. Dedicated server options are built for this, and are still the most customizable web hosting form. Being able to choose and control everything from the operating system to data transfer, provides businesses with cutting edge technology and fast IT support.

Fully-managed hosting can provide both individual client customization of hardware, security and operating systems, while also implementing easy installation for client use. Meeting the needs of less IT literate businesses that are growing past resource capabilities of shared hosting services is becoming simpler. Easy to use software capabilities and plugins now available offer fully customizable control and accessibility to dedicated servers.          

Green Energy

From the server room to HVAC and security systems, large data centers require a great deal of electrical energy. Housing your dedicated server in these provider-run facilities where they can be monitored and maintained is not only cost-efficient but environmentally friendly as well.

Instead of each business purchasing, maintaining and running their own smaller onsite data center, pooling these servers together in larger locations provide greater opportunity to utilize renewable energy. Fortunately, renewable energy options are becoming more prevalent each year. With infrastructure for community rooftop solar gardens and wind farms expanding, data centers can now incorporate a larger portion of this type of energy into their portfolio.

Emergency Reliability

While putting all your eggs in one basket, or dedicated server in this case, may have in years past caused downtime during routine maintenance and troubleshooting, backup choices today mitigate this occurrence. Hot swapping options, automatic battery backup and built-in failover destinations at secondary facilities have strengthened the reliability of these forms of servers. The need for increased bandwidth and higher uptime percentages are driving better failsafe system innovations continuously.

Housed in hosting facilities, dedicated servers also get the added benefit of disaster protection. These facilities are quite often built like bank vaults with optimized and backed up climate controlled systems and disaster preparedness as part of the design. Things like seismic zones, natural disaster locations, and neighboring risks are continuously identified and monitored. Even data accessing and distribution are addressed in the event of an emergency.  


Dedicated servers have always excelled over shared hosting options in the way of security. The nature of a dedicated server and operating system provides limited access to a business, their hosting provider and any authorized personnel only. Data center facilities offer 24/7 patrolling and camera surveillance protecting the hardware, while dedicated server hosting teams monitor and protect your data.      

HTTPS, SSL and other website security services used to be extra features on many hosting provider packages. These are now considered minimum safety features with Google marking non-HTTPS sites as unsecured, and online data sharing rules like EU’s GDPR privacy regulations coming into effect. No shared server neighbors also mean no tenant compromised data security risks.


Greater demand for faster processing speed does not mean a business needs to compromise on excellent customizable software and security features. Technology is driving the dedicated servers’ consistent reliable through energy-efficient hardware and state of the art data center facilities. Virtual hosting like Cloud VPS services offers cost-saving benefits that are working their way up to a higher percentage of the hosting marking. However, dedicated server hosting is still the frontrunner in data privacy, reliable uptime, and specialized systems.    

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