And The Food Fest Continues…

Today marks the first Friday of Summer 2012!  The sun’s out and about and we’re very fortunate here at the LA InMotion Hosting office to be able to enjoy the clear, sunny skies through our 11th floor view.  Today’s a perfect day to go out and have a picnic, or at least eat picnic-esque food.  So today’s pick was Olive It, Westchester’s neighborhood deli.  They started off as a specialty foods distributor, then moved onto creating their own custom marinades for olives.  These days, they’ve branched out to specializing in fresh sandwiches, Jersey Shore subs, salads, and soups.

Olive It was a perfect fit for a nice sunny day.  The West Coast IMH team gave this place a 3.9 star rating, which is pretty good for this group of foodies.  Olive It really gives you your money’s worth in portion size!  Check out the size of this sub sandwich!

Giant Sub Sandwich
Not only are the portions ridiculous (in a good way), but they give you quality as well!  Their deli meats are quite tasty and they’ve got an excellent selection of side dishes.  I highly recommend their “Mom’s Potato Salad!”  The majority of people who ordered subs were very happy with their selection.  As mentioned earlier, their meat quality is great and the other ingredients, such as the cheeses and veggies were complimentary of each other.

However, the only thing that I think can be improved is their bread quality, or at least their sub rolls.  The bread was a bit too thick and dry for my liking.  But I’d give them another try with another bread option.

On the other hand, one of the only few disappointments from the group was with the Olive It Salad with chicken and feta cheese.  Their reason being was that it was a bit too healthy and an overload of veggies.  So I guess if you opt for this salad, don’t expect to get a hearty meal, though the presentation is nice and colorful.

Olive It Salad

Lastly, the other item that did not get as good of a rating was the Build Your Own Sandwich (on wheat, with tuna, cheddar cheese, and all condiments, but no mayo or oil.)  Basically, “there was nothing special about this sandwich.”

Well, for the most part, the majority of the office gave about a 4 star rating on their food orders today, so if you’re in the mood for a good deli sandwich and are in the Westchester area, definitely give Olive It a try!  One last thing, I just realized that no one here actually tried any of their specialty olives, guess I’ll be going back to give that a try!

Chipotle Sub w/ Roast Beef


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