A Sunny Summer Day With Mendocino Farms…


It’s Friday, July 20th, and it’s finally looking and feeling like summer in Los Angeles!  Just a week ago, the sun seemed to be hiding in fear of the dreaded “Friday the 13th” date.  Seemed like the weather and date correlation was a little too coincidental…yikes.

Well today’s definitely more like the southern California summer that I’m familiar with.  And in celebration of the good weather out, we chose one of the office’s favorite lunch spots, Mendocino Farms, an excellent gourmet sandwich shop!

Mendocino Farms' Spanish Chicken Wrap & Summer Squash Soup

It looks like they’ve made a couple adjustments to their menu, which I’m personally happy about, such as making the Spanish Chicken a regular menu item!  One of my faves! And yes of course, that’s what I ordered today, but as a wrap, plus bacon, and a side of the Summer Squash Soup, yum!

With the exception of a couple of peoples’ sandwiches that were a little off today, everyone gave their order a 4 star and above.  Not surprising since we were basically weekly regulars at Mendocino Farms at the previous office.

Well as I mentioned earlier, there were two orders that were a bit off today. These were the Vegan Shawarma and the Chicken MBT on Rustic White bread.  The Vegan Shawarma didn’t fare so well because the vegan tortilla wasn’t able to hold all the fillings well and became soggy and fell apart.  Maybe go for a bread option if you ever give this item a try.  As for the  Chicken MBT on Rustic White bread, the bread seemed to be a bit oily from the sauces and dressings this time around.

Mendocino Farms' Chicken MBT Sandwich

On the other hand, two people actually gave their orders 5 stars today.  These items were the Sandwich Study of Heat and the Prosciutto and Roasted Chicken, and were quoted to be “Excellent” sandwiches.  And they weren’t the first ones to say that from our past experiences.

Well this time around there were actually a couple of new sandwiches, which were on the summer seasonal menu, that also received high ratings, the Shrimp Po’Boy and the Summer Cubano.  Definitely give these a try while they’re available!  I’ve tried the Shrimp Po’Boy before, and I agree, it’s quite tasty!

Well, since there were a few people out of the office today, the 2 lower rated items kind of skewed the rankings a bit more than usual.  Therefore, this week Mendocino Farms received a 3.8 rating.  But don’t be quick to judge just from one off day, check out our past review of this place, read up on our suggestions, and then try them out for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!

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