A New Focus on WordPress Web Hosting

Probably the biggest current trend for companies that provide web hosting is the movement towards WordPress web hosting. For years, people have been inundated with the terminology and features of various hosting systems. But now, all of that is shifting towards putting a focus on WordPress.

These days, almost every hosting company is offering their own variation on hosting that is specifically geared towards WordPress-based websites. Let’s look at how this trend differs from the other traditional hosting options that many people choose.

Is WordPress Web Hosting Worth It?

First off, you should know that any hosting plan can adequately host a website that was built with WordPress. There are, however, some decided advantages when using a WordPress specific host if it is properly configured. These include:

  • Speed—If you have a standard shared server, it will be running dozens of content management systems (CMSs) to power hundreds of websites. Having all of these different systems loaded can slow down the performance of the server.

However, if you’re running your site on a WordPress specific server, then WordPress is the only CMS loaded on the server. That means that the server can be configured specifically to handle WordPress and to use its resources properly. This can result in faster speeds, meaning that your website will load quicker and updates will be installed faster.

  • Configuration—Speaking of configurations, you can also simplify some of the tasks associated with your website because the server can be configured to work only with WordPress. For instance, the format for an SSL certificate can be streamlined by simply providing a pre-configured set-up for this task.
  • Customer support/technical support—One of the areas where WordPress hosting really shines is with support. If you are dealing with a traditional hosting system, those employees work with different CMSs other than WordPress. That means they may not be able to specialize in WordPress.

This is the difference between going to a general practitioner and a cardiologist for a heart problem. Sure, both are doctors and can handle the health concern. But the heart specialist is better trained to work specifically with that one issue. WordPress can be tricky, especially when it comes to the interaction between the platform and plugins.

Sometimes, plugins don’t work properly and can cause your website to crash. A support person from a regular hosting service may have to try a checklist of possible causes before they determine what is happening to your site. But a WordPress expert will be able to look at your site and diagnose the problem much more quickly, meaning your site can be back up and running faster.

  • Security—This is another area that allows WordPress web hosting to excel. With WordPress, you have a CMS that is secure. By focusing on WordPress, your hosting company can ensure that all of the WordPress specific threats are taken into consideration. They can then protect you from these specific threats.

When WordPress rolls out an update or a security patch, they don’t have to load these just on a few specific websites. Instead, they can do a bulk upload and installation to secure all of the sites on the server. If all of the sites are secure, then you also won’t be open to having your site hacked because another site on the same server has weakened security.

Many companies provide WordPress web hosting but InMotion Hosting has been making strides by creating multiple hosting plans in this area. InMotion also bundles their WordPress plans with their own BoldGrid website design plug-in that allows you to simply drag and drop elements wherever you might want them.

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