A Hidden Foodie Treasure

As a foodie, I’m always open to new suggestions and trying new things.  So it’s always great to get a suggestion that you would’ve never thought of to try, especially if it was one of those “whole in the wall” places that turn out amazing!

Just the other day, one of our Marketing team members was looking up new, healthy places to try out in our area (somewhere in between Westchester and Culver City), and came across Aliki’s Greek Taverna, which one of our other coworkers has tried in the past and confirmed that it was good.  I was really skeptical of trying this place because of it’s location, which is connected to a Super 8 Motel!  Not the classiest lol.

So when we got there, I went straight to the front of the restaurant to check out their health department rating, which I was glad to see that it was an A!  Phew!

Well, to my surprise, I was very pleased to have given this place a try.  It’s one of the best Greek restaurants I’ve ever tried!  I was given the recommendation of trying their Gyro Sandwich with a side of Greek Lemon Potatoes.  It was absolutely delicious!  I also had a try of one my coworker’s orders, which was the Moussaka.  It’s basically like a Greek lasagna, and it was AMAZING!

Well now onto our Friday’s lunch order.  I figured I’d try something a little different, so I opted for their Chicken Gyro instead.  This was actually quite a bit of a miss this time.  Definitely not as good as the regular Gyro made of beef and lamb.  Funny thing is that the majority of the IMH office ordered the same, so unfortunately we didn’t have the best experience with the quality of their food with the Chicken Gyro choice.

Chicken Gyro Sandwich

On the other hand, I also tried another dish that another coworker ordered, which was the Athenian Chicken.  Now this is the quality that I was expecting.  It was another amazing dish!

Well, since the majority of the office didn’t get the best item on the menu, we gave this place 4 stars.  I’m sure if we order the right dishes next time around, we’d give it a 5!  So, yes we WILL be trying this place again and give it another chance because the few people that ordered the regular Gyro Sandwich and other dished gave this place 5 stars.

So in conclusion, definitely check this place out and don’t be quick to judge a book by it’s cover.  We recommend the beef and lamp Gyro over the Chicken Gyro.  And I’m sure the majority of their other entrees are excellent!

Athenian Chicken

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