Why No One Opens Your Email: 5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners


Emailing leads and your current customer base can serve as one of the key strengths in your ongoing marketing efforts. As Daniel Newman pointed out less than a year ago, “Email is definitely NOT dead.”

According to references made in the same article, an overwhelming percentage (over 70%) of surveyed adults in the U.S. expressed that they prefer being contacted by companies via email – and even more stated that they appreciate getting promotional emails from businesses that they use.

Clearly, emailing consumers is still a highly viable practice that enables businesses to cater to the preferences of their customers. When you can respect such a preference and empower your client base – all while marketing your brand and build web traffic – the end result should be favorable for all involved.

However, you must keep one crucial detail in mind when you’re developing your email campaign: While email marketing is a vital aspect of reaching out and staying connected to customers, it only works when you’re doing it right. If you’re relying on the same techniques that countless other businesses and individuals (including spammers) use, you will likely find that the majority of your emails go unopened (and thus, unseen and unanswered by your target audience). Instead of repeating the mistakes of many marketers who may have already irritated some of the same customers you wish to reach, you might avoid some of the least effective email practices and save yourself much time and energy.

1. You Aren’t Asking for Permission

In the same way that millions of people loathe being approached via cold call by telemarketers, they may be apt to ignore “cold” emails and send them straight to the spam folder. Think about how many spam emails you are sent on a regular basis; do you open most of them? As numerous computer security professionals will assert, uninvited emails are some of the worst sources for fraud and phishing scams – and the word has long been out that clicking on the links in such emails (or even clicking on that type of email itself) could expose a computer network or single-unit PC to various sorts of harmful malware. You can also get into legal trouble if you send emails without the expressed consent of the recipients, so be sure that you’re contacting only those who want to receive your emails.

You might utilize several methods in order to secure permission to send your intended audience emails. Here are just a few that plenty of marketers have found to be effective:  Continue reading “Why No One Opens Your Email: 5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners”

Online Essentials Your Business Needs to Thrive

Business Chart Report Statistic Planning Analysis Concept

For your business to thrive, you need to constantly bring in new customers and clients. While cold-calling and traditional advertising both have their benefits, we now live in an online world – when people want something done, their first stop isn’t the Yellow Pages, it’s Google. If your small business marketing plan is going to succeed, you need to have a strong online marketing presence.

Naturally, you’re worried about both the expense and the time commitment. While online marketing can be expensive if you’re not careful, meeting the minimum requirements is an absolute must if you hope to grow your business – and it can be done in a cost-efficient way. In fact, you can take a lot of the following steps for free! Here are the online essentials your business needs to thrive in the 21st century: Continue reading “Online Essentials Your Business Needs to Thrive”

How to make sure your site is mobile friendly in a ‘mobile-first’ world

mobile marketingThe world is dynamic, and people are moving from using desktops to using the Smartphone in finding information and communicating via the Internet. In lots of countries, the number of Smartphones in use is more than personal computers. All the more reason to make your site mobile friendly. A mobile friendly site is the one that has the correct display for handheld gadgets like tablets, Smartphones, iPhones, and iPads. The site also has minimized scrolling, easy to navigate, loads faster and avoids using flash. Making you site mobile friendly makes you visible to a wider pull of mobile users since your website will be visible in the search results depending on how well you have configured it. There are three things you should know when making a website accessible by a mobile phone user. Among them is: Continue reading “How to make sure your site is mobile friendly in a ‘mobile-first’ world”

Need a pint? So do 30 million people. #MissingType

We are of course talking about that golden liquid – no, not beer. The liquid (technically plasma) of life: BLOOD!

Maybe you have donated this year, or maybe you’ve just thought about donating. But did you know that in the United States there are 30 million people daily that need blood. That’s nearly 1/6 of our population!

A British marketing company has taken initiative to combat the risk of running out of blood.  NHS Blood and Transplant started the #MissingType campaign to increase blood donations in the United Kingdom. Their campaign saw an increase of 30,000 new donors for the UK, and this year companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and even cities like Amsterdam and Bondi Beach are taking part.

We all know the importance of a blood donations, but might not donate as often as we can. But, the thing is… there is a global shortage of blood. With a growing global population, more medical innovations such as heart and organ transplants – blood is becoming increasingly sought after to exact the type of medical breakthroughs and procedures that have helped heal millions of lives. Continue reading “Need a pint? So do 30 million people. #MissingType”

Team Member Profile: Shea Rodrigue

sheaHometown: Houma, Louisiana
Position: Marketing Specialist
Been with InMotion Hosting since: 2012

How did you get started in the web hosting field?
It was a potent combination of curiosity and necessity. Many years ago a friend, and business owner with old-school values and processes, brought up the need to bring their business into the digital age and begin creating an internet presence by selling her clothing from a website. I had taken a class on basic HTML and one on eCommerce prior to that, which doesn’t really mean anything, but my ego was large enough to convince both of us that I could make that happen. And I did. I began lots of research on web design, eCommerce, website builders, and ultimately web hosting. I launched my first eCommerce site and haven’t looked back since. Continue reading “Team Member Profile: Shea Rodrigue”

5 Little Tweaks to Boost Sales from Your Website

The internet is playing an increasingly prominent role in commerce, and research shows that digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of in 2015. This number will only go up, but what does this mean for your business?

According to data from Eisenberg Holdings, for every $92 the average company spends to get customers to their site, they spend just $1 to convert them. So much attention is paid to driving traffic, to getting attention, that what really matters – getting people to convert – is ignored.

If you have a website, boosting sales is no rocket science. In fact, simple little tweaks – that can sometimes take minutes to implement – can double your revenue. Here are 5 little tweaks you can implement today that are proven to give you a sales boost: Continue reading “5 Little Tweaks to Boost Sales from Your Website”

Business Startup Checklist

checklistThere are some advantages with providing web hosting to 100,000+ customers over the past 15 years. As small business owners ourselves once, we sought out to create a web hosting company that speak TRULY to those looking to create a solid website that represents the the digital home to their brand.

We’ve seen websites created that have grown from our lowest plan on a shared server, to reaching the need to use a dedicated server. We are proud of this growth – and our customers are happy that we haven’t given up on them throughout their journey.

Throughout those 15 years, we’ve gathered a checklist of processes that, if followed, help keep you and your business website fresh, relevant and optimized. Continue reading “Business Startup Checklist”

How To Start Planning For Your Website’s 2016 Redesign

redesignEvery couple of years you need to update your website to ensure it has a fresh, modern look and makes use of the latest developments in web design. A website which looks out of date can damage your credibility and ultimately cost you clients. Before you can begin a redesign however you need to start planning what you want out of your updated website and what you want the finished product to look like. Below I have written out a 3 step process which will help you prepare for your redesign and ultimately give you the website you want. Continue reading “How To Start Planning For Your Website’s 2016 Redesign”

How to Build a Content Plan for Your Website

I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The bad news is that getting your website live was the easy part. InMotion Hosting makes sure of that! The hard part is still to come…now you need to develop content for your site that will attract, engage and convert visitors into prospects and ultimately customers.

The good news is that there is a tried and true framework for developing a content plan to ensure that your site can attract qualified visitors and will engage those most likely to become customers.

In this post I’ll share this framework to help you evaluate your business and customers, and develop a strategic content plan to help you meet the needs of your target market, and in turn your own business objectives.

4 Steps to Building a Successful Content Plan

The following steps walk you through a research oriented planning process designed to build a content plan based on the needs of your target market. Rather than the usual brochureware and marketing speak we are aiming here to develop content that answers questions and helps potential customers reach a decision to buy from you. By the time you’re through with this process, you will have created a content plan designed to attract and convert the most qualified visitors to your website.

Step 1: Define the Buying Cycle in Your Business

Your business’ buying cycle in the simplest sense is the journey your customers follow in order to buy a product or service. The customer journey will be different for different industries, longer or shorter depending on the nature of the product. Generally speaking however, a buying cycle follows this basic process…


The breakdown itself is simple enough to understand, the question here is what does the buying cycle in your business mean for content? Let’s take a look at the buying cycle from both a customer’s and content strategist’s perspective to tackle each stage head on.

Continue reading “How to Build a Content Plan for Your Website”

12 Things Every New WordPress Site Should Be Doing On Launch

wpYou only get one chance to make a great first impression, and nowhere is that more true than when you launch your new WordPress site for the entire world to see and enjoy. That being said, you want to make sure that you are addressing the twelve most important things that every new WordPress site should be doing prior to launch. Following these guidelines translates into the peace of mind you need knowing that your site is prepared for everything the internet and its users will have to throw at you as you begin your online WordPress endeavor.

Get BoldGrid [Exclusive to InMotion Hosting]

BoldGrid is a free website builder offered by InMotion Hosting with it’s Business Hosting plans. BoldGrid is built on WordPress, the #1 Content Management System and comes with beautiful themes. It’s easy drag and drop website editor allows you to quickly build stunning websites with no coding required. BoldGrid is easy to use for those building their first WordPress site as well as for web designers/developers who need to turnaround beautiful turnkey websites in short notice. And, unlike other website builders in the market, you have 100% ownership of the website you build using BoldGrid.

Continue reading “12 Things Every New WordPress Site Should Be Doing On Launch”