5 VPS Hosting Nightmares That Will Surprise You (And How To Fix Them)

5 VPS Hosting Nightmares That Will Surprise You (And How To Fix Them)

Halloween is long past, but your worst VPS Hosting nightmares may be unfolding today. And what is your host doing to help out?

There’s a horde of cheap hosting companies that are keen on selling you a VPS without making you aware of a few simple maintenance tasks you should perform regularly.

Fear not, this is how Managed Hosting can save you. If you’re concerned about any of the points mentioned in this article, take note and ask a managed hosting expert for more information.

There are many server problems that can bubble beneath the surface—concealed from view.

But we’ve got you covered. Just pay attention and we’ll make sure you’ve got a solid plan in place.

#1. Security Updates Left Unacknowledged

Are you logging into your VPS Web Hosting Manager (WHM) every week to check for updates?

If not, we encourage you to simply log into WHM once a week and see if updates are available for critical software.

Interested in automated updates? Our managed hosting team can help you with that. Just give us a call and we’ll get you set up.

#2. Unused Software Packages

Your VPS gives you the freedom to install and uninstall all kinds of software.

Interesting in trying out Varnish? That’s great. But what happens if you decide you don’t want to use it?

When you install software, you must be cautious about what other dependencies that software comes along with.

Though it’s rare, some software packages might inhibit the functioning of your critical server assets.

#3. Backups, Backups, Backups

This applies to all hosting accounts, not just VPSes. But no article about hosting nightmares is complete without a warning about backups.

You need backups always running and ready to go.

Our high-availability VPS accounts actually allow you take multiple snapshots of your entire server and save them. This means you could, in effect, roll back your entire server to a previous state.

If you haven’t already, start taking backups and snapshots right away.

#4. Compliance Issues

If you’re interested in setting up an e-commerce enterprise with your VPS, then heads up: here’s some things you need to know.

In order to accept sensitive customer data (like credit card information) you must be compliant with security standards.

If you’re not compliant, you may be liable for damages.

The good news is we can help you get compliant once your server has been scanned by a third-party security agency.

Also, take a look at third-party payment processors like Authorize.net. They process the payments, so you don’t have to.

#5. Your VPS, Your Private Kingdom

#5 isn’t exactly a nightmare. But, it’s a warning.

Your VPS is your private kingdom, where you make the rules.

This means you have a great responsibility.

We don’t say this to scare you. Rather, we hope to encourage you. For businesses across the world, a private server allows for great freedom in the digital domain.

You can do amazing things with your server if you remember to do one thing above all: pay attention.

Pay Attention and Remember We’re Always With You

Pay attention to your needs and the needs of your readers, visitors, users, or whoever has a stake in your operation.

If you have questions or concerns don’t hesitant to reach out to our hosting experts any time day or night. We’re always happy to talk and help you succeed with our hosting plans.

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