5 INCREDIBLE WordPress Features

5 INCREDIBLE WordPress Features

Chances are, you already know about and use a number of great WordPress features. With its thousands of plugins and widgets, WordPress has a bevy of add-ons that add so much style and function to your website.

But did you know that there are even more features available to you that are hidden from plain view? There are special WordPress features and shortcuts that can make your life and work much easier. WordPress often performs updates that add new tools and features, and they don’t always let you know about them.

WordPress Features You Should Know About

Let’s take a look at how to access five of these great features and how they can help you.

  1. Clear Text Editor—If you do a lot of writing for personal blogs, then you know that sometimes a cluttered screen can be a distraction. Just like a painter needs a blank canvas to work with, a writer needs a blank screen to fill with words. Unfortunately, the WordPress visual editor screen is full of sidebars and menu options. However, if you look through all of that clutter, you will see a button at the top right corner. This button looks like an expanding screen and can be used to clear off everything else except for your actual typing space. By hitting the button a second time, you can return to the original screen with all the options.
  2. Image Editor—Besides being able to edit text, you can also edit pictures. Now, this isn’t going to give you the capabilities of Photoshop or other professional editing software, but it does let you do more than just place a picture on your webpage. In order to do this, find the Media menu and select Library. Once you have done this, you can select whichever image you wish to place. As soon as you select the image, a screen will come up and you can choose the “Edit Image” button. Once you hit this button, you have access to tools that will let you crop your photos as well as resize them. If you have a picture that is sideways, you can also rotate it or you can flip it. Again, you aren’t going to be able to do any serious photo manipulation, but you should be able to handle most of the photo editing tasks that you need.
  3. Splitting Up Posts—Unfortunately, the average Internet reader has a short attention span. If you are working on a huge article or blog, the reader may see the length and give up to look for something shorter. You can get around the appearance of having a “huge” article by simply splitting it across multiple pages. That way, your blog is broken up easily digestible bite-sized chunks. To do this, simply type away at your article in the text editor. When you get to the end of a section and want to add a page, just type <!–next page–>. If you type some more and want to add another page, just type the same command again. This will work as often as you need it.
  4. Theme Preview—There are thousands of pre-made website themes on WordPress. Sometimes, it’s not easy to determine what they will look like from the small images and descriptions on the site. Instead, download the link and then go to the Appearance menu. Once there, click on Themes and select the theme that interests you. Now, you should see a button that says Live Preview. Click on this and your website will reload with the new theme to give you an idea of how your pages will look.
  5. Major Website Changes—Some of the options for WordPress are hidden for a reason. Namely, they do not want the unskilled and inexperienced meddling with the advanced features that could wreck a website. If you feel confident in your skills, then go to your log-in URL and add “/wp-admin/options.php” at the end of the address. With this, you can change a host of options including your website’s URL. But be warned, if you change something, it may be difficult to fix later on.

Getting the most out of WordPress

WordPress is already famous for its responsiveness and its ability to adapt to the changes of the Internet. It’s also great because of the numerous features that come with it. However, many users may not know exactly what features are available to them until they experiment a little with these hidden options.

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