3 Ways to Easily Learn WordPress

3 Ways to Easily Learn WordPress

If you’ve spent any time looking at different website builder platforms, then you’ve probably already arrived at the same conclusion as most everyone else—WordPress is one of the best platforms for website design, if not THE best one.

Its amazing flexibility has made it the go-to solution for thousands of companies and personal bloggers. Unfortunately, it still takes some getting used to. For the total novice, the idea of learning how to use WordPress can seem daunting. And for the experienced pro, there is always something new to learn.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three different ways that you can learn how to use WordPress:

The WordPress Site

Let’s start with the source: WordPress. WordPress maintains a tutorial website that was developed using the WordPress platform so that new users can see what they are learning being put into practical use.  This website teaches you how to get started by building your home page and adding links and new pages.

It also features a lexicon of WordPress terminology so that the jargon doesn’t scare you off. What also makes this site so great is that it uses lots of screenshots that will show you illustrations of exactly what you should be seeing when you are navigating your site.

WordPress also has several other resources to help people learn the platform. One of these is the highly reliable and usable WordPress Support staff that will respond to any questions or problems that you might have.

WordPress also maintains a separate website at wordpress.org. This site houses the WordPress Codex that is the online how-to manual for the platform. This manual also directs you to the WordPress forums where you can get advice from other users and experts who can answer many of your individual questions as well.

WordPress Classes

Yes, there is a type of “WordPress College.” You can look for a variety of these courses on your favorite search engine. Some are offered as real-time classes with live streaming instructors who guide you through the process of creating a page, installing themes, utilizing plugins and widgets, and other skills.

If you would rather do something at your own pace, many of these same courses offer modules that you can complete on your own time, following the written instructions along with videos that walk you through the steps to making a successful website.

Other Websites

Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and have started to launch their own websites to teach WordPress skill. Some courses are generic and cover all areas of website creation using WordPress, while others specialize in niche categories involving the use of plugins or website security. You can also learn how to add animations to your site or how to perform a manual backup of your database files.

Whatever questions about WordPress you may have, chances are there is a website with an answer for you. There are also numerous how-to instructional videos that you can choose to watch on YouTube with full graphics of websites in progress. Regardless of your comfort level with WordPress, there’s always have room to learn and grow as a website owner.

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