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Our newest servers give you the option to run different versions of PHP (5.2, 5.3, 5.4) on your account. This can be important when using third party applications, which require the latest stable version of PHP.The PHP version can only be changed on shared servers, biz117 and higher. This functionality will be available to all shared cPanel hosting customers who are on servers that use PHP 5.3 by default.

If you are a VPS or Dedicated customer to take advantage of running PHP 5.4 you must be currently using PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.1 - if you are not using these minimum requirements you must upgrade first. Please contact our support department if you are a VPS or dedicated customer and wish to use PHP 5.4.  

Please keep in mind, PHP 5.4 has it's own web server built into it. We have disabled this functionality as it conflicts with our servers configuration. 

Changing the PHP Version:

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click the PHP Configuration button in the Software/Services section.

    Older servers will not display this option, however you can request to be moved to a newer server that has this ability. You can submit an email to support@inmotionhosting.com requesting to be moved. Please verify your account in the email by providing your current AMP password or the last four digits of the credit card on file.
  3. Select the version of PHP you want to use from the dropdown.php_5-4
  4. Click the Update button to save your php configuration.
  5. Check your changes by viewing your settings in a phpinfo page.

Congratulations, now you know how to adjust your PHP version from cPanel. If you need to setup your account to use multiple PHP versions, see the article on Using multiple PHP versions on one account.

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2012-12-12 10:37 am
You need to update these instructions to the newer version of C-Panel
n/a Points
2014-09-30 6:04 pm

How could I activate this option in WHM so all my accounts in Cpanel have available?

21,496 Points
2014-09-30 6:17 pm
Hello Gabriel,

Thanks for the question. The switcher can be added, but it would need to be done by our systems people. You would need to submit a support ticket requesting that it be installed. Please be aware that this switcher requires that PHP 5.3 be installed as the default version of PHP on the server.

I hope that helps to clarify the issue!

Arnel C.
n/a Points
2014-09-30 6:22 pm

I noticed you said php 5.3 must be installed. I have 5.4. So I need to downgrade to 5.3 in whm via easyapache and this switch appear in my cpanel accounts automatically?

21,496 Points
2014-09-30 6:25 pm

Yes, in order to have the PHP switcher put into place, the DEFAULT version of PHP that would be installed would need to be 5.3. However, that doesn't mean that you're stuck with 5.3. You can simply switch to 5.4 or higher.

Arnel C.
23,972 Points
2012-12-12 10:57 am
Hello Nigel,

I have updated the article to make it a little more clear. The version of the cPanel is not what the php config icon is based on. It is the age of the server. Your server is one of the older ones and does not have this feature.

We can certainly move your account to a newer server that does have this feature. As per the article, simply send an email to support@inmotionhosting.com requesting to be moved. Be sure to verify your account in the email by providing your current AMP password or the last four digits of the credit card on file.

Best Regards,
Scott M
2013-11-12 7:23 am
Thanks for the information posted step by step using images thanks lot . For more information looking for you.

Question: When will PHP 5.5.12 be supported?

n/a Points
2014-05-08 11:16 am

When will PHP 5.5.12 be supported?  It has a bunch of security patches.


The maintainers of PHP have released two new versions of the scripting language that fix a number of bugs, including a pair of vulnerabilities related to OpenSSL. Versions 5.4.28 and 5.5.12 both contain that important patch, as well as fixes for more than a dozen other vulnerabilities.

The fix for the OpenSSL flaws is in both PHP 5.4.28 and 5.5.12. Both versions also include a slew of other bug fixes, one of which is for CVE-2014-0185, a privilege escalation flaw. The bug could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code in some situations.

11,156 Points
2014-05-08 11:23 am
We specifically patch all servers to ensure vulnerabilities such as this are not an issue. Rest assured at any disclosed vulnerabilities are immediately addressed across all environments.

Question: Are the changes immediate?

n/a Points
2014-05-22 1:10 am

Is there a lag time before the newly selected version takes effect? Im on a shared account, and I changed the PHP version to 5.4, but cPanel is still reporting my php version as 5.3.28 and so does my Wordpress installation.  So far it's been about a half hour since I made the change in the PHP configuration as outlined above. And when I return to the PHP Configuration Page, the dropdown is set to 5.4, but everything else seems to indicate that I'm still on 5.3

11,156 Points
2014-05-22 9:57 am
The changes will be instant. Sometimes, depending on your existing .htaccess file, the PHP version changer can fail to properly write the needed line in which you will need to add this manually. The following article will provide you with the line that you would need to add to your .htaccess file:

Using multiple PHP versions on one account

Simply place the appropriate line for your desired PHP version into the .htaccess file of your home directory and it will then take effect.
n/a Points
2014-05-23 9:14 am

That got it done.  Thanks.

Question: I followed directions, but php version not updating?

n/a Points
2014-05-29 10:35 am

Can you update the article and mention that sometimes the switcher doesn't work, and that you need to manually edit your .htaccess to get the job done? I just had to add the following to my .htaccess file because cPanel failed to do it:


AddHandler application/x-httpd-php55 .php

11,156 Points
2014-05-29 10:49 am
In 99% of cases, the PHP switcher will work just fine, however, depending on some account configurations, you will need to adjust it manually.
n/a Points
2014-06-26 10:43 am

This solucion exito GRACIAS POR EL APORTE!

n/a Points
2014-12-26 10:23 am

Does inmotion hosting support PHP 5.5? If not when do you guys plan to support PHP 5.5?

13,552 Points
2014-12-26 10:59 am
Hello Vikky,

Thank you for your question. Yes, by following the guide above, you can change your account to use PHP 5.5.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2015-02-25 1:22 am


   If I change my PHP version from 5.4 to 5.5, do I need to get a new php.ini file (which is currently on v5.4)?

I am facing a peculiar problem for which I want to try higher php version:

For initial couple of days the below PDO code worked fine but suddenly it is giving error.

$this->_pdo->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES, false);


I don't know what config has changed but my code did not change.



21,496 Points
2015-02-26 8:57 am
Hello Amal,

Sorry for the problem with the PDO code. Servers are continually updated to keep them current, so it's possible that older PHP code scheduled for deprecation could be causing the issue. You do not need to get a different PHP.INI file if you're switching to PHP 5.5. If you don't have specific settings in your local PHP.INI file, you can also re-name it and your account will use the server PHP.INI file.

If you continue to get errors, please indicate your domain name and we can research the issue for you in more depth.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
n/a Points
2015-03-09 8:14 am

Does changing PHP version effect website ??

13,552 Points
2015-03-09 9:34 am
Hello ray,

Thank you for your question. Yes, it can affect your website, depending how it was developed/coded.

For example, if you are using a software that is only compatible with PHP 5.3, changing to PHP 5.5 may cause errors.

Thank you,

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