Every WordPress website has two basic parts, the database and the files. It is important that you backup everything, including your website (files) and your WordPress database. InMotion Hosting recommends that you maintain your own backups on a regular basis. To learn more about how to maintain a full cpanel backup that includes all your files, databases, and emails please read: Backing Up your cPanel

If you do not wish to perform the recommended full cPanel backup, you have the option of backing up the files and database separately. First, let's cover how to back up your website files. This is simple especially if you are familar with FTP clients. First, you will need to log into your account with an FTP client. Then you will need to select the files on your server to download. Next, you will download the files onto your local computer for storage. For more information on backing up your files using FTP please read: How to create a backup using FTP

Next, you will need to export your content using the "export" feature in WordPress. Maintaining a copy of your content is important since your database is where all of your content is stored. WordPress makes exporting your database content easy. First, you'll need to log into the WordPress admin section of your website. Then in the left column menu, select the "Tools" option.


Select the "Export" option, then select "All Content". Once you have done this, select "Download Export File"export-wp

This will open a window where you can then download the exported file, which is in XML format.

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2012-08-07 4:06 am
I notice that the various hosting packages all come with a "Data Backup" feature - performed by InMotion Hosting. It says that restoring one's website is free once every four months ($49 each after that).

What is the difference between that backup and the various backups recommended in this article and others? If my website were to be lost or damaged, would InMotion be able to restore it? Or am I responsible for that?

10,075 Points
2012-08-07 8:36 am
Hello Doug,

The Data Backup feature mentioned is from our standard backups that run every 24-36 hours on all shared/VPS accounts under 10GB. These require the support team to access the backup servers and pull the data.

The backups mentioned here via Wordpress or via the cPanel are done by you and can be restored at any time. The files would just need to be uploaded by you to the account so support can access the right files and replace them.

If your website were damaged, we could certainly pull any data that was included in the last backup. Depending on the time of the data loss or damage, it may or may not be there. Our backups keep only the data from the last 24 hours or so. That is why we recommend additional backups made by yourself.

Best Regards,
Scott M
2012-09-08 4:23 pm

It's not clear if we have to do a partial back up (of the directory and the database), AND a backup via FTP. If we use the Backup Wizard to backup the individual components doesn't that also backup our content files in Wordpress?

Thank you,
10,075 Points
2012-09-10 12:46 pm
Hello GinaR,

If you do the both partials (home directory and database) you will have backed up the entire wordpress site. You will want to ensure you use FTP to download the backups to your own computer for safe keeping, however.

Best Regards,
Scott M
2012-09-10 1:00 pm
Hi Scott,

Thanks for responding to my query. One more thing. When I used the backup wizard, I saved the directory and database files in a folder on my PC. Why do I need to use FTP to download the same backups to my computer?

Thank you,
10,075 Points
2012-09-10 1:24 pm
Hello GinaR,

Saving it to your local computer is the same end result.

I was not certain if the backup gave the opportunity saved to your account on the server as the full backup does.

Best Regards,
Scott M
2012-09-10 1:35 pm
Thank you Scott.
2013-05-12 11:38 pm
Hi, if you still got an issue backing up your wordpress site, or you just don't have time to do that, I can help you out. Please visit my thread here: http://www.jobsitecentre.com/jobs/website-design/make-a-backup-of-your-full-site-including-database/
2013-09-20 12:11 am
HI, I really need help. My site is sweetgeodes.com and you can see what happened to it. I was using Weaver 11 Pro subtheme Wheat and I tried to re-introduce a rt side panel so some of my widgets could be displayed.
In trying to get my now (for some reason) lost search engine on my home page I copied the text code to my page and got a Fatal error message regarding a file overrun. At that point I decided to back up my files. I checked my control panel and all the places they could be on my hosting site. They were NOT there, so I think they are somewhere with Wordpress and I would like to download those saved files, esp. the earlier ones. I fear that my latest backup may have eliminated an earlier backup.

Not impressed with Weaver 11 pro. I could not edit the top links (Home, links, Products, Gallery etc. I had no Contact Me and my search engine might have been on the side bar that I had eliminated and did not come back when I installed it again. One should also be able to ORDER those links as one prefers. I have spent days struggling with this site, including graphics that I cannot put text under so I could put links to my product pages. EX. being. http://www.color-wright.com/ A bit busy, but I was trying to do that with some background. Totally frustrated, exhausted and disappointed in the product. The in-house inmotion web builder was far easier to do and I could create everything in one third the time, as well as re-ordering things around. Free! And yes I know it is propitiatory but it WORKED and didn't die on me.

Consider this a big thumbs down on Weaver 11 pro and its cost. I sure hope you have a backup of my site somewhere and can upload it to me. bonsaiherb@gmail.com

After doing so, I found that ALL my pages are truncated to a small
5,425 Points
2013-09-20 11:25 am
Hello Herb,

Thank you for contacting us. This is just our public support forum, if you want to request a backup, you can do that from AMP.

Sorry to hear about all the trouble you were having with Weaver 11, I have never tried it, but I agree the Builder is really easy to use.

Also keep in mind that there are over 280+ additional options for building your website included in Softaculous.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

5,547 Points
2013-09-20 1:33 pm
Hello Herb,

I noticed you had responded to this notification email instead of posting your comment to our article again. I've gone ahead and adjusted your (php.ini) value for you from:

memory_limit = 32M


memory_limit = 128M

If you run into any further problems you can check out our article on fixing the allowed memory size exhausted error.

Hope that helps you out. If you had any further questions please let us know, but please keep in mind that our notification email address isn't monitored all the time. So you'd want to either comment in our public Q&A section on the site, or to email support at support@inmotionhosting.com to ensure we see your issue.

- Jacob

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