DokuWiki 102: Writing content

Formatted page in DokuWiki After completing the Getting started with DokuWiki course, we now come to the 102 course on writing content in DokuWiki. DokuWiki 102 will explain creating and editing pages and creating namespaces. Namespaces are like categories pages are created in. This makes the site easier to navigate by grouping pages together. DokuWiki also stores pages  in revisions so they can be restored if they are deleted. Writing content is the next step in building your DokuWiki site.

The next course in DokuWiki is the Changing the DokuWiki Appearance - Dokuwiki 103 course.

Pages and Namespaces

This articles will explain how to create pages and namespaces in DokuWiki.
Section 1:
How to create pages in DokuWiki
This article will explain the basics of how to create pages in DokuWiki.
Hits: 3,821
Section 2:
How to create namespaces in DokuWiki
Creating namespaces is an essential part of site navigation in DokuWiki. This article explains how to create namespaces in DokuWIki.
Hits: 4,548
Section 3: How to edit and delete DokuWiki pages
This first step in creating content in DokuWiki is to edit the pages. This article will explain how to edit and elete pages from DokuWiki.
Hits: 2,570
Section 4: How to delete and rename namespaces in DokuWiki
You can delete or rename namespaces in DokuWiki to update the site structure. This article will teach you how to rename and delete namespaces.
Hits: 2,201
Section 5: Redirecting pages in DokuWiki
When deleting pages from DokuWiki, you will want to redirect the removed page to a valid url to prevent 404 not found errors. This article will explain how to use the Page Redirect plugin to redirect removed pages.
Hits: 1,113

Editing content

This section will explain the basic concepts of editing and formatting DokuWiki pages.
Section 6:
How to format content in DokuWiki
DokuWiki has its own wiki code for formatting. This article will explain the DokuWIki formatting options and how to bold, headline, and number text.
Hits: 2,116
Section 7: Inserting internal and external links in DokuWiki
Creating internal and External links in DokuWiki are important for site navigation. This article will explain how to make an internal and external link in DokuWiki.
Hits: 1,922
Section 8: How to insert images into a DokuWIki page
This article will explian how to insert an image in DokuWiki.
Hits: 1,283
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