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You can find the server information about your server such as MySQL and PHP version or how many domains your are allowed on the cPanel account by viewing your cPanel stats. The following will explain how.

Steps to view your server specifications

  1. Login into your cPanel.
  2. Expand the cPanel StatsOn the left hand side, click the "expand stats" link to expand all of your cPanel specifications.

    Note! The cPanel stats are only for a cPanel account. Total server statistics are different.

Explanation of Server Specifications in the cPanel stats

General server settings cPanel Stats

Main Domain: This field will show you your main domain on your cPanel account.
Home Directory: Your Home directory shows where your files are located at the bottom level of your account. In this example its /home/userna5
Last login from: The last login is the IP address of the last person that accessed your cPanel. This is not related to your website.
Disk Space Usage: The disk space usage shows how much space is allotted to your cPanel account and how much is taken. Example, 2319.72 / ∞ MB where the account has unlimited disk space with 2319.72 of it used.
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer: The monthly bandwidth transfer shows how many MB's of information was downloaded from your site within the month. Example, 2902.57 / ∞ MB shows when your site was visited, 2902.57 used of an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

Domains in stats cPanel Stats

Email Accounts: The email accounts statistic shows how many email accounts are created and how many you can create. Example, 1 / ∞ shows 1 email account was created and an unlimited amount available to create
Subdomains: The Subdomains statistic shows how many subdomains are available and how many are used. Example, 24 / ∞ shows 24 subdomains where created out od unlimited ones.
Parked Domains: The Parked domains shows how many parked domains you have and how many you can add. Example, 0 / ∞ shows no parked domains were added out of unlimited parked domains.
Addon Domains: The Addon Domains shows how many addons were added. Example, 0 / ∞ shows no addon domains were added out of unlimited ones.
FTP Accounts: The FTP accounts shows how many FTP accounts were created and how many available. Example, 1 / ∞ shows 1 FTP account was created. unlimited are available.
All SQL Databases: The All SQL Databases statistic shows how many databases you have set up on your server. Example, 20 / ∞ has 20 databases created.
MySQL Databases: MySQL databases is the MySQL databases only. Since you can only have MySQL databases, this number will be the same as the "All SQL Databases" statistic.
MySQL Disk Space: The MySQL disk space is the total space taken by your databases on your cPanel account.

LAMP version cPanel Stats

Hosting package: The hosting package shows what type of hosting account you are signed up with. Depending on the plan you should see Dedicated, VPS, launch, power, pro etc.
Server Name: The server name is the actually name the server the cPanel account is on. The server name can be Dedicated1234, VPS1234, ecbiz96, biz88 and so forth. This is also used for the server hostname.
cPanel Version: The cPanel version can vary between servers. This statistic shows your particular servers cPanel version. Example, 11.34.0 (build 11).
Theme: This is not your website theme. This is the particular theme your cPanel is set to. Typical options are x3, black Ice, Business to Business, and so forth.
Apache version: Apache is your web server software. The version of Apache is important when developing sites. Example, 2.2.23.
PHP version: This is your PHP version. PHP versions can be switched even though the main server PHP version shows the specified version. Example, 5.3.23.
MySQL version: The MySQL version is also important when developing your website. In this example, the version is 5.1.65-cll.
Architecture: The architecture is the type of Operating system the server has. For example, x86_64 is a 64 bit operating system.
Operating system: The operating system in this statistic is very general. The distribution type is not shown. You will only see linux in this statistic. You can always look at your phpinfo page to see the specific Operating System type. Almost all of our servers run the CentOS Linux distribution..

PERL version cPanel Stats

Shared IP Address: The shared IP address is the server wide IP address that all cPanel accounts on the server use. If you purchased a dedicated IP address, this statistic will show Dedicated IP Address instead of Shared IP Address.
Path to sendmail: This is the path required for the send mail. In this example its /usr/sbin/sendmail.
Path to Perl: This is the path to the Perl repository In this example its /usr/bin/perl.
Perl version: This displays the version of Perl installed on the server. Example 5.8.8.
Kernel version: The Kernel is the main component of the Linux Operating System. An example is 2.6.18-028stab094.3.
cPanel Pro: Shows the cPanel Pro version in this case 1.0 (RC1).
Service Status: Allows you to view the status of imap, ftpd, mysql, named, queueprocd, Server Load, Memory Used, and more.

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