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2014-08-23 12:35 pm EST

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Hi, I have a new website and used a Bootstrap theme that has a PHP contact form included. The form works fine on all devises and browsers that I have access to. IE 10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, windows xp PC, windows 7 PC, ipad and iphone 4s. And I have had friends try it as well and it works perfectly.

For some reason, I am getting blank email responses in my email box from that form and can't figure out why or how that is happening. It is very concerning because I could be missing business opportunities...

Any ideas would be much appreciated, Thanks, Bill

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2014-08-25 8:47 am EST
Hello Bill,

You will want to test the code that creates the email and ensure that the content variable is picking up the text that is entered into the form fields. This may require some tedious code crawling through the files on your site.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M

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Hi Scott, thanks for the response. As I mentioned, the form works perfectly with everything I have and everything my friends have in terms of browsers and operating systems... It is a simple form and uses some fairly simple PHP code. I am just not experienced enough with PHP to trouble shoot it and because it is working fine in every way I have tried, I can't just use Firebug or something like that to track down what the issue is...
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2014-08-25 4:55 pm EST
Hello Wdeanbill,

I took a long look at the issue and we can't find any errors or a problem with your form. We need some idea when the form does not work. I do not see any PHP errors, email problems, or Apache errors on the server, so everything does appear to be running normally.

If you can provide us some type way to duplicate the problem, then we would be happy to research the issue further. It's very problem is on the client side (not server side), so we would need to know the client-side details when the form is not operating correctly.

Apologies that we can't provide you a direct answer. If you can provide further information on the problem then we can take more time to investigate the issue.

Arnel C.
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2014-08-25 6:01 pm EST
Hi Amel,
thank you for taking the time to check into this for me. Again, my problem is that I can't make the problem happen on this end. It works fine for me too. But I am getting emails from that form that are blank and have no information in them at all. Accept the labels. Which is very strange because it is set up so that all of the fields are required, so no one can just submit a blank form.
I am stumped and cannot give you a way to replicate it because I can't make it happen.

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2014-08-26 1:27 pm EST
Hello Wdeanbill,

I can understand the frustration with the form, but we really don't see anything wrong with the form on the server side, so we unfortunately have nothing to work with to determine the issue. I did notice that the form is set to use cpanel user name when sending emails. It's not thing really serious as the form does work. I would suggest using SMTP for sending out email replies with a registered user name (instead of the cPanel user name). Other than that, I'm not sure of any possible changes. I can see the emails coming in live, so I know they're working - but I have yet to find a way to make them come in blank.

I hope this helps to lead to the resolution of the issue.

Arnel C.
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2014-08-26 1:55 pm EST
Hi Amel, I am wondering if someone is messing with me. I got two emails from that form today. One is certainly from you and says testor,, test. Another one came through at the exact same time that says haha,, test. Did you send them both?
You had mentioned that I should use a SMTP for sending out email replies with a registered user name (instead of the cPanel user name) I am not sure how to do that so I could use some help with that. Would that prevent some one from messing with it? Or I guess what I want to know is would that do for me? If this info is somewhere on the support website please send me a link. Thanks for all your help.
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2014-08-26 10:41 pm EST
hello Wdeanbill,

Yes, you can ignore those tests - that was me trying different things to try to make your form bring up a blank form. I was watching your mail logs live to see if it would send, and it worked normally. I'm not sure how your form is set to send emails. You will need to consult with the documentation for the PHP form you're using, or email the developer to see if it's possible to set SMTP for it. It is probably set in the "class.smtp.php code. Use this article, How to find your email settings, to proper settings.

Arnel C.

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2014-08-27 1:23 pm EST
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