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Why does my product downloads, not download?

Category: Opencart

2013-07-17 1:53 am EST

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I saw a few answers to questions regarding Opencart and am hoping you can assist me although I'm not with your company...? I've created an opencart website with downloads, however, once making a purchase, it states that I've made no downloadable purchase...and therefore has no downloads in my account. Thanks for any assistance.


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Sending an email with the screenshots now.
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2013-07-17 01:43 pm EST
Ok, so I've a different question as I think I've figured out the issue. So when placing a sample free download, there's no issue. And once I placed an order and it says pending, I'm not able to download. So, I within the admin section I checked the orders and changed my test customer status from Pending to Complete, saved, and then I was able to download.

Is there ANYWAY this can be setup where the owner doesn't have to manually confirm every order and that it's available as soon as they pay?
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2013-07-17 04:25 pm EST



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2013-07-17 9:55 am EST
Hello Jheri, and thanks for the question, we are here to help anyone with website problems.

Since you're not hosted with us we can't login to see what might be going on, but I suspect you might not have added the downloadable item to the product itself?

You might want to take a quick glance at our guide on <a href="" target="_blank">creating a downloadable product in OpenCart</a> just to make sure you got everything.

After you upload your digital product by going to <strong>Catalog &gt; Downloads</strong>, you also need to ensure that you've linked the downloadable product file to the product itself from <strong>Catalog &gt; Products</strong> and going to the <strong>Links</strong> tab to check-off the <strong>Downloads</strong> you want.

Here is a screenshot I took showing what I mean:

<img style="width: 650px;" src="">

If you do in fact have the downloadable item already added to your product, and you're still unable to see it when you purchase the product please let us know and we can continue to look for another possible reason.

- Jacob

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Hi Jacob,

I've done all of that loveliness, however the order doesn't appear as completed, only under "Missing Orders." How can I send you screenshots and the website without it being viewable to the public? It's hasn't gone live. I've set the order process to "complete" and am using Paypal as the only payment method.
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2013-07-17 11:38 am EST
Hello Jhericoco,

Sorry to hear that you are still having the problems with the downloadable product. You can provide the information for your website in an email to Please make sure to include "Support Center - OpenCart Issue" in the Subject so that we can filter it out from all of our other email.

Before you do that, I was reviewing some forum comments on the issue here. Make sure to check your error log to see if there's anything there that might give you some answers as to why the order is not completing. Additionally, one of the users stated that you might want to check with Paypal to see if the transaction actually completed. If PayPal is not completing, then you will also get the missing order indication. Were you seeing that transaction completing in your tests? There is also a suggestion for an Abandoned Cart order extension, but it costs $20, so that will be up to you if you want to utilize that as an option for your OpenCart installation.

If you send us an email with more information, please confirm that you're doing that in the comments here.

Thanks for your patience! If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
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2013-07-17 12:30 pm EST
Hello Jhericoco,

Thanks for the screenshots. It looks like everything is okay. I'm not sure if having the product "not in stock" would affect the downloadable products, but I would change that setting at least. This will be a little hard for us to troubleshoot because we have no way to access your admin and look at the error logs. You might want to look for "route=payment/pp_standard/callback" in the error logs to see if the Paypal API is actually returning it. You should also try setting up a different payment option and testing it that way. Then you can see if the option is working.

I did not see anything abnormal in the screenshots other than that one option. Please try that and also carefully search the forums if you get a specific error message, as there's usually someone who may have already reported the error.

Arnel C.
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2013-07-17 3:06 pm EST
Hello Jhericoco,

You asked in your last comment: "Is there ANY WAY this can be setup where the owner doesn't have to manually confirm every order and that it's available as soon as they pay?"

By default, it's supposed to work that way. You shouldn't have to manually confirm it. I've done quite a few searches and a LOT of reading through forum posts, but I think I've finally found something that resembles the problem you're having.

They stated that the issue had to do to with the folder where the files were uploaded to (at the end of the article). They fixed it by re-uploading the files after re-installing it and only discovered the issue at the end. They also recommended making sure that the file names were not an issue - there should be no file names with spaces in them. Try uploading a file with a simplified file name. Did you upload the files through the interface? Or did you FTP them into the folder directly? Make sure that folder/file permissions are not the issue here. If there's any protection on them that requires a user name/password, then the automatic upload will most likely fail.

Check out the this post and see if their suggestions for the resolution are what you need to resolve your problem.

If this still does not work, I would recommend visiting the OpenCart Forum and posting your problem there as well. The administrators/developers for OpenCart will most likely respond to you directly. Apologies that we have not been able to find a very clear answer. Hopefully, this latest post will resolve the issue.

Kindest Regards,
Arnel C.
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2013-07-18 12:41 pm EST
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