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2013-09-19 3:30 pm EST

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How many people are experiencing poor service from inmotionhosting ? When I first signed up for their service to host our business server, the web says it is unlimited disk space. But once our server start using more than 10G, they moved our web site to some other server they claim supports larger accounts. Since then, the service is so bad I have to call daily to see what is doing on. All support can tell me is the server is experiencing heavy load. We can’t send or receive emails and our business web site of course is down. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there is no one on duty and I have to write. They suggested that I upgrade my service to a dedicated server.

I feel like this is a bait and switch where Inmotionhosting is falsely advertising their service of unlimited storage and then move you to a server where the service is so bad that you have to either upgrade or move to another provider.

Just wondering how many other people are experiencing this poor service as I don’t know how they can claim that satisfaction guaranteed. If you are thinking of hosting your service with Inmotionhosting, read the fine print as they will also suspend your account if the server takes up “too much” CPU.

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2013-09-19 4:48 pm EST
Disk space is unlimited on your account, however, if you are using a very large amount of data, your site will be moved to another server that is more suited to handle the large amount of data. This ensures that both your services, as well as the services of others are not problematic. Within any shared hosting environment, there are multiple individuals on the same server, sharing the same resources. Then one use is problematic by using too many resources, it can effect all users on the server. This is why things like load spikes happen. Of course, we do suspend users if they are causing issues for other individuals on the server, but it can take a moment to get the server load stabilized. The sole purpose of suspensions due to high load on the server is to keep all of the other users' sites up as much as possible. You may find more information on server loads at the following:

Understanding Server Loads

The email address that you received from the support representative is indeed correct. This email will be delivered to members of management who can fully review your complaint and provide further information and resolutions that our support team may not be able to do. I do recommend you contact them with any complaints as they are best suited to receive them.

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But when you move my web site to a server that performance is so bad that you can't send or receive emails and you can't access your site, then this is not acceptable. Our site does not get alot of traffic as it is to support our business workflow when we have a job which is maybe every two to three months. The only regular activity is daily emails. My users complaint that the emails sometimes get delayed hours after people send them before we received them. Every day there are periods of time where we we can't send/receive or sync to the IMAP server. During these times, I can't even access our web home page. I am told when I call support that the server load spikes due to large email queues being processed, therefore our site is not accessible. This is not acceptable as emails should not be a higher performance process then people accessing a business's home page. So either the server you are using to host accounts with large data requirements are under power old servers or your company has too many accounts on a server. Your company advertises guaranteed reliable hosting - this to me is not reliable. So I am in a situation where if I don't upgrade my service then I have to experience the pain of moving our site to another provider. Unfortunately your answer does not address why performance for our site hosted under "large accounts" is so poor in performance.
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2013-09-19 5:48 pm EST
Hello Kimchu,

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with server performance and issues with accessing the server. Unfortunately, due to the extreme size of your site these performance issues are difficult to avoid because you selected to continue to host your site on a shared server hosting plan. A Business hosting plan utilizes a shared server and this is done to reduce costs of hosting. Shared hosting servers will generally share a particular architecture so that many sites can be on one server. However, when you apply a very large site that is not optimized, then what happens is that the server attempts to compensate and handle all the sites regardless of the size resulting in decreased overall performance. This is why your site was moved to a server (still a shared server) for large accounts. Due to the size of your site, it was still taxing the server -especially during periods where large IMAP accounts are being synchronized.

Websites are generally not going to be over 10 GB in size (and still be on a shared server), but yours is at least double that. When a website reaches that size, in order to maintain decent performance and functionality, the webmaster should be considering how to manage the size of the site. One way to handle the size of a large website is to place media that would be accessed by users in a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Accessing the media files in this manner would help offset resource usage on the web server. If the size of your website is also affecting the back-end database and functionality such as email, then you should not be on a shared server. You should be considering an upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server where more resources are dedicated purely to your website. Large websites are simply not cheap to run because they require more resources in order to maintain an optimum level of performance.

I can understand some of the anger and frustration here, because while we may not have immediately suggested that you upgrade beyond a shared server, we have also left the architecture of your website and how it should grow (while maintaining optimal performance) up to you. Is it possible to host a very large website on a shared hosting service? Yes, it is possible, but the website traffic and the way the website is used would be a determining factor on how that website would perform. Based on your comments, it appears that you have a considerable amount of email on the server as well. Please review IMAP resource usage in order to better understand why large IMAP accounts can adversely affect servers.

I am not excusing some of the poor service that you experienced based on your website and the fact that you continued to try to host your site on our shared service. I am hoping to provide some understanding on the limitations of placing a large website on shared hosting and also what route you should take in order to get your site functioning in a better state.

I do highly recommend that you upgrade to a dedicated server or VPS (using a CDN for any large media libraries that you might be sharing). You may also need to review your website and re-structure it so that large media files are accessed through a CDN and email accounts are kept to a certain size.

Apologies again for the service issues. If you wish to express your frustration, please email These emails go straight to management and they are reviewed in order to help improve processes or correct issues as needed.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C..
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2013-09-19 7:25 pm EST

2013-09-19 11:30 pm EST
That's a pretty bold statement to say to this service. HOW in the world would you expect to run a high traffic websiteholding 10GB of space on a shared server-- AND expect it to serve pages quickly? Haven't you ever heard of a CDN? This isn't the server- it's the POOR DESIGN on your part. Crappily designed websites like yours are a drain on other people's websites. If your business is worthwhile, server costs are trivial. Get yourself a dedicated server and hire a real engineer. PEACE.

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Just because I use more than 10G of storage and your company consider this a "large account" doesn't mean there is high traffic. As I mentioned, the only real daily activity is emails and the site doesn't get real usage by our customers but ones in a few months. If you don't believe me go back to your activity logs for our account. Rather than drawing such a quick conclusion and blaming a poor design on our part and selling upgrades, perhaps you can take a customer point of view and ask why am I not satisfy and try to help when you do get a support call instead of yes, our server is experiencing high spike, sorry. We have been on this service for nearly 2 years. I can tell you we started experiencing poor performance since our account was moved. And I asked about this on my support calls. Go look at the call logs, I didn't start calling in with issues until this happened. The "design" didn't change, how our site is hosted changed. Perhaps you can help explain this.
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2013-09-20 9:37 am EST
Hello kimchu,

DudeSolutions does not work for InMotion Hosting, he is just commenting on a public forum post.

I understand your frustration, but shared servers can have issues such as load/traffic spikes, which we monitor 24/7 and deal with (usually by suspending the abusive user) as quickly as possible. This occurs because users are sharing resources on a shared server setting, in order to lower cost.

At times we must move large accounts to less populated servers to accommodate the size, since servers have a limited disk space.

I checked your website using Pingdom tools, and the server is responding quickly, but the actual site is taking some time to actually generate and load. After scanning your site with GTMetrix, I noticed you are not using any caching. While this may not be the main cause of a server problem, it absolutely contributes to it.

By default WordPress is a dynamic CMS (Content Management System). This means that for every visitor request that WordPress has to process, it must first connect to the database to see if the requested page even exists, then generate the page if needed. You can counter this increase in CPU usage by implementing a caching plugin. What these do is cache the first visitor's request of a new page to a plain HTML file on the server, then when another visitor comes through and requests the same page, so long as the page wasn't updated in your administration section, or updated by a comment, the cached HTML page will be served. Here is a link to the full guide on Optimizing WordPress with W3 Total Cache plugin.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

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2013-09-20 10:58 am EST
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