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Problem: Error establishing a database connection

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2013-08-21 4:39 pm EST

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This is the message I continue to get on all of my sites except the .net. This has been the case for several days now. I am on the biz136 server. I understand that it is due to an attack and I noticed you transfer two servers. Are you going to do the same for biz136?
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2013-08-21 04:43 pm EST
I'm also on biz136 and have had all kinds of problems accessing my back office and functions etc. Should I just monitor this thread and back off trying to get anything done for awhile? Any idea how long?
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2013-08-21 07:28 pm EST



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2013-08-21 5:59 pm EST
Hello Phenomenalimage,

Apologies for the connections issue with the database and website. I have issue being investigated and I've been waiting on a result. I'm going to post a preliminary answer and get back with you.

To clarify one of your comments - NO servers have been transferred. The IP addresses for those servers have been changed. The servers are the in same location (and they're the same servers).

The main issue is that the DDOS attacks have unfortunately increased. So, it may still be having an effect on your server loads. I will update the answer to this question when I get another update from our systems team.

Apologies for the service interruption and the slight delay in your answer.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.

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Hello again Phenomenalimage,

Sorry again for the problems in getting to your server. I got a report back that the main issue on the server is the high load. Neither of us could get to the database. This was definitely due to the high volume hitting the server. The DDOS has mostly been mitigated, but the problem of high volume still exists on the server. It is being closely watched by the Systems team and they are still in the process of seeing what they can do to reduce the load and get everything back to an optimal and normal operation.

We do sincerely regret the interruption to your service. If you have any further questions or want to make a comment directly to the management, you are welcome to address

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.

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2013-08-21 6:39 pm EST
I wanted to leave a response relative to the last comment you made regarding the DDOS attack. I have also sent an email to the manager about this. Inmotion Hosting has done a poor job handing this situation. The big problem I have is that you did not alert your customers about the attack (i.e. send an email or even post it on your support page). Instead you have us frustrated and trying to figure out what is going on. On your support forum, You have several of the same messages from customers and each message has a different answer as if tech support is not aware of the problem. That is wrong, unfair and unethical. I have been a customer with Inmotion Hosting for years; and recently I have even referred a customer to you who became a customer. I have for the most part been pleased with your service; but this has shaken my faith in whether I can trust you to be forthcoming and have me contemplating whether I should continue using you. We customers are not ignorant and should have been made aware of the situation a lot sooner as it has affected our businesses.
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2013-08-22 8:22 am EST
Hello Phenomenalimage,

Apologies for the issues and the apparent inconsistency in the responses. First, if you are not aware, we have been posting information about server issues on the front of the support page for any type of major server issue Support Center Home Page. These announcements are placed there during any server-wide issue. If you go there now, you would see the current announcements. Additionally, my apologies for not including this, but there is a status page you can view regarding the servers that is updated regularly by systems: InMotion Hosting Server Status page.

Since you were not aware of the news and announcements page available on the Support Center, my corresponding replies may not have made sense to you. There are a few different issues on your specific server to which our Systems team was responding. The bottom line though, was that you could not see your website running in spite of the progress made by the Systems team to mitigate the DDOS and then dealing with the other issues with the server.

Lastly, as part of our ongoing quest to improve our services, a review of the overall response to the DDOS is already in progress. Your comments and many others play an important part in relaying the issues to our management and their decisions on how they improve our services.

We hope that you understand our sincere response and concern for the issues and difficulties that you and other customers have experienced as a result of the interruption in service.

Thanks for your patience and your feedback for the issues.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
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2013-08-22 1:43 pm EST
I am not going to go back and forth with you and was not going to respond to your post; but let's be clear. I have been aware of your status page as well as support. In fact, I reached out this platform after I making several attempts to call you both yesterday and the day before but hung up after being placed on hold for over 15 minutes. During those days when I clicked on the support center site, there was a brief message about two other servers. When I went to, biz136 was not even mentioned at the time. There were no messages on AMP when I logged in to get the info about which server I was using. That is when I reached out to you. Don't insult me with your excuses. IMH did a very poor job with communicating the problem with your customers about the technical issues and either IMH is arrogant or blind to admit that the ball was dropped. But great news-- you've just made it easier for me to decide what to do about using IMH as a hosting company.

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2013-08-22 2:54 pm EST
<div style="background-color: #FFF; padding-left: 10px;">Hello Phenomenalimage,

I do greatly apologize for how this situation has been handled. There is no excuse, but we are working diligently to resolve the server issues at hand, and at the same time ensure all of our procedures are updated to better communicate with our customers during exceptional times of server issues like this.

While the server is still at times experiencing intermittent database connectivity, one thing in your case you could do to help keep your site up is by implementing database caching on your WordPress installs. This could be done with either the <a href="" target="_blank">WP Super Cache</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">W3 Total Cache</a> plugins.

The current methods of displaying notices, and getting the entire support team abreast of changes in an ongoing issue is something we are highly interested in fixing. As we obviously don't want our customers left in the dark, and at the same time it leads to higher support volumes for us from customers trying to figure out what's going on, which can cause the longer wait times like you've mentioned.

I see from your account notes that our Customer Care department tried to reach out to you and left a voicemail. We also just had a large brainstorm here in the <a href="">Customer Community</a> team for other ways to address these types of problems, and we will begin moving forward with better ways to handle these issues.

Thank you for your valuable input, and again I apologize for how things were handled this time around.

- Jacob</div>
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2013-08-22 4:21 pm EST
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