Welcoming Our Denver New Hires

We want to extend a warm welcome to our four new hires who started in Denver this week!

We are very excited to start working with our newest employees and wish them much success here at IMH.


Do you want to join our growing team? Send your resume to recruiters@inmotionhosting.com and let us know which position you’re interested in!

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Team Member Profile: Matt S.

Matt S.Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Position: Support – Tier 1 Team Lead

Been with InMotion Hosting since: April 2015


How have you enjoyed working in the web hosting industry since starting at InMotion Hosting?

I really enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the latest technology! Getting to be hands-on with that technology on a daily basis is probably one of the coolest things.

What is your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?

Team Lead. I find that in my current position I can give training in guidance to others in order for our team to work together as a whole, successful unit. Coming from a Tier 1 position, I feel I’m in the perfect position to offer my guidance based on my experience to help others become successful. Some things that I like about InMotion Hosting are:

  • Conscious about the environment
  • Plenty of opportunity for bonuses in any of the support positions
  • Work events!!! Are you kidding me. The summer event was probably the best work event I’ve attended professionally
  • Continuing education program that reimburses for taking certifications and/or school classes
  • The friendly, laid back environment

What was the training process like?

Initial: Very hands-on. Something that anyone can come in and accomplish. I came in without much prior web hosting experience. If I had any questions about how the training was going, or needed more information during my self-paced training, my trainers were right there for me to ask. On-the-floor: I like to consider it “live” training. It will usually happen that throughout my experience as a T1 that if I had an issue, someone from the higher tier would walk me through it. Most times that means they would visit my desk and walk me through the process.

Coolest gadget you own, want to own or have read about?

Coolest gadget I’ve read about: http://fortune.com/2015/10/29/water-desalination-stage-2-innovations-manoj-bhargava/

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

Always seeking a challenge. I really enjoy being part of the team that provides the best hosting, customer service, and reliability in the industry.

Would you like to be part of a growing company like Matt? Send your resume to recruiters@inmotionhosting.com for review.



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Top Golf Team Builder

Each quarter departments at IMH participate in team building activities. These activities allow teams to bond out of the office and at times provide an atmosphere for healthy competition.

Last weekend both our Customer Service and Sales departments went on a team outing to Top Golf. They had a lot of fun aiming towards the targets in order to get the top score!

Check out all the fun the teams had below. Would you like to be part of our next team building event? Submit your resume to recruiters@inmotionhosting.com for review.

Customer Service/Sales Top Golf
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IMH School Supply Drive 2015

Every year InMotion Hosting holds a company wide School Supply Drive, collecting school supplies for children in the Virginia Beach, VA and Los Angeles, CA communities. This year we did things a little different. We partnered up with For Kids in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles Youth Network in LA. Both are non-profit foundations that collect supplies to contribute to homeless students.

We are happy to say that the IMH team collected a large amount of supplies that put smiles on many students faces to start out their 2015 School Year! Huge shout out the the IMH Team and all their great work.  If you are looking for a career where you too can help with your local community email your resume to hr@inmotionhosting.com.

School Drive Pic 2015

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2nd Annual IMH Walking Buddy Contest

Here at InMotion Hosting we have the luxury of carrying out our duties while “sitting down”.  With this in mind we have to find creative ways to be active. In an effort to get us all moving more, we had our 2nd Walking Buddy Contest.

Team members from different departments paired up for 4 weeks and walked/ran together during their breaks, lunches and even met up before and after work. On Friday’s team members would report their miles, hoping to always be in the lead.

A combined total of 311.86 miles were accumulated over the four weeks by 11 teams. In the end it was Paul and Sevag from our LA office who came out on top with a total of 97.56 miles! Congratulations, guys!

Sevag S. and Paul W

Would you like to join our next contest? Send your resume to hr@inmotionhosting.com for review.

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