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Calling All Network Architects!

Would you like to upgrade and surround yourself with like-minded people and state of the art hardware and infrastructure? How about the opportunity to participate in the architecture and operations of multiple data centers, on networks that power thousands of servers? Do you enjoy building new solutions using cutting edge technologies or solving and troubleshooting complex issues that no one else can?

Did you answer YES to all the above? Then InMotion Hosting is looking for you. We are expanding our network team and have openings in both our Virginia Beach and Los Angeles offices.

How would you fit in?

  • Solve intermediate technical issues involving multiple technology stacks.
  • Collaborate with App Dev, IT Ops, and IT Security teams on planned project requirements. research, evaluate and recommend new infrastructure solutions and enhancements.Perform proof of concepts and create and present proposals to senior management.
  • Deploy enterprise-class networks, including servers, routers, switches, and other hardware
  • Configure equipment in an environment where network uptime is critical to business operations
  • Travel as needed to perform on-site work in our two data center locations in VA and CA
  • Position requires participation in a 24/7 on-call rotation schedule, being available for escalations.
  • Plan and coordinate maintenance, repairs and changes in accordance with change management policies and communicate expected changes clearly to company and customers.

We also like to have fun!

Are you ready to apply?

For the VA Beach office opening submit resumes to or for LA.


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Happy System Admin Day!

Have you Thanked a System Admin today? Our System Admins are always on the go making sure our systems are safe, healthy, and secure. They are always on the lookout for spam, viruses, spyware, and hackers.

We would like to take a moment to say Thank You to our wonderful, hardworking System Admins that keep our systems running.

Sys Admin 1 7-14 Sys Admin 2 7-14


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Employee Spotlight: Web Developers

Are you interested in applying for our Web Developer opening, but would like to know more information about the company or role? Sometimes it helps to hear from employees themselves. We recently spoke with Jim D. and Michael H. to learn more about their experience with IMH.

How long have you been with IMH?
Including my time as an intern I have been with IMH for 9 months next week.

Overall, how has your IMH experience been?
I have honestly loved my time with IMH since the beginning. As with any new job there are nerves coming in. Any concerns I had were quickly resolved as soon as I was introduced to the team of people I would be working with. I quickly learned that this point applied to more than just the team in my department but the IMH team as a whole.

Have you been introduced to any new skills/concepts?
In a word …everyday. I had the benefit of starting my time as an intern with limited exposure to practical development outside of an educational environment. Specifically I remember learning PHP as I was attempting to complete the coding challenge required for interview at the time. I was given excellent feedback at the time of interview and since, which has really advanced my knowledge of the language. A good way to describe it is that my skills were based largely around the theory of development with limited exposure to the practical. I jumped in feet first and continue to learn and enhance my skills across the board each day I come to work.                                          -Jim D

How long have you been with IMH?
I started in February of this year and am now approaching 6 months.

What aspect do you enjoy most about working at IMH?
I enjoy the relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Do you have any advice to give to someone who wants to start out in our industry?
As a developer it is important to keep informed of changing technology being employed within the developer community. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to keep in contact with other members of the community. This area offers several groups where individuals get together and discuss best practices and technology, often this has introduced me to things I was not aware of and which I was later able to apply in my job.                                                     -Michael

Jim and Michael

IMH Web Developers Jim and Michael

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WordCamp Chicago 2014: The Bean, the Blues and a ton of WordPress info

We’re on the go again attending WordCamps across the country. Jacob N of our Customer Community Team recently attended WordCamp Chicago and shared his experience with us.

WordCamp Chicago was a great time and I learned a ton, I also met some great people and I’m sure I’ll bump into them again at future WordPress events. Going to my first WordCamp and seeing the WordPress community up close in person has really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that WordPress allows for. I really appreciate InMotion Hosting sending me out there to bring some of that great community back to our ranks.

You can read more of Jacob’s experience here.


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