Is there a Mobile App equivalent to Snagit?

After intense searching and testing, I have found one mobile app that reigns above all others to compare with Snagit‘s unbeatable screenshot educational sharing tool. The winning contender is… PicSay! For those of you who like to engage co-workers and audiences with the wonderful tools offered by Snagit, I knew I had a hard task on my hands to find anything remotely comparable.
For those of you who are wondering why I’m raving Snagit here is a montage of just a few of the cool tools I love in this browser application:

As yet, Techsmith have not yet released a mobile app version of their Screengrabbing tool Snagit. So in the mean time, I was forced on the hunt to find the best available solution. And for anyone that’s vaguely involved in writing and explaining technical content, especially whilst on-the-go, I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a gap in the market for this software.

A search for picture editing and screen capture brings up hundreds of apps for your iOS or Android Mobile device, but they are all geared towards picture effects not ‘in-picture’ frame and layering effects.

With a little work around you can compile just the technical explain it material you need from a screen capture on your mobile device using PicSay:

It can layer objects, but unfortunately not additional segments of screenshots which I would say is the major portion missing from this app that would otherwise make this a near perfect competitor to Snagit.

There are all the usual tools such as rotate, cursor effects, re-framing or canvas resizing. I Particularly love the export feature which is more versatile than Snagit; being able to share to virtually any other app loaded on your mobile device is pretty ingenious!

Overall if you’re looking for a technical explain-it bit of sharing software for screen capture and graphics from your mobile device, then until Snagit comes up with a version, PicSay is the closest app I’ve found.

4 thoughts on “Is there a Mobile App equivalent to Snagit?

  1. I just searched the app store for Picsay and it doesn’t come up. Is it available for iPhones and I am just missing it? Thanks! I would love to have snagit on my iPhone!

    1. For iPhone I use 3 apps: instacollage, captions, retouch.
      The first can help you to re-arrange your pics and put simple text under.
      The second can put frames containing text and arrow pointing out.
      The third can modify unwanted objects or parts of the picture by erasing and leaving the same background empty instead of.
      I’ve not found 1 app which would do all of what does Snagit, unfortunately.

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