Interstate Skills Training AKA Systems Bootcamp

IMH is taunting our techie knowledge-base this week as we flew in Trey from our Virginia Beach office to take the lead with training our new associates here in Los Angeles.

We have recently increased our Los Angeles division with new hires to manage our ever-growing server systems. Rather like Jordie LaForge heads up engineering of Star Trek, we had Trey to bring our guys up to speed with hands on training while under Nerf Gun attack from the marketing department.

His specialty is the systems-specific, advanced-level training, which comprises mostly of investigative analysis work to proactively reach out to our customers before they hit a resource issue. Our Systems team are the core the company stands on and will handle customers who may have advanced concerns like being unable to handle server problems themselves in case they couldn’t figure out their root access.

Trey is successfully flying home to Virginia Beach this evening after commenting

“Well the turbulent weather wasn’t expected from LA” – Yes we had ‘electrical storms’ here! “…and I think I successfully trained our systems core team to manage any high pressure situations” – (That marketing team improvised and simulated using Nerf guns from across the office heheh.)

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