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Our weekly webmasters live Q+A is a broadcast via Google Hangouts supported with a live twitter chat stream #IMHhangout.

Everybody wants to make money online! If you are on the internet, there is a part of you aware of the massive online income potential that everyone else seems to partake in. Whether you are looking to gain freelance gigs, earn through advertising, sell services, do information marketing, or simply learn what affiliate marketing is all about, this hangout could be your starting point! This subject has the broad scope to enable a talk for a long time, so as the host I’ll simply aim to eek out of those that join us what has worked for them in the hope you might glean something useful for yourselves. The format this week is going to be a fairly open forum for debate, opinions, and shared experience, here are the guide questions to stimulate your thoughts.

Questions to follow a round of introductions: I’ve prepared a couple of handouts for you to  keep track of in this huge subject!

  1. List methods of online income: #affiliate #adsense #freelance
  2. What is your niche (if you make money online) #elance, #clickbank #seo
  3. What websites helped you learn about making money online?
  4. Do you agree or disagree with our top online money making resources?

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How to Find the #IMHhangout

  • Look for our Custum URL [or click here]: google.com / +inmotionhosting
  • Type ‘InMotion Hosting‘ into google plus search to find our brand profile page. On your mobile device you have to do this through ‘people‘ [not circles] profile search to view our page profile.
  • Do a hard refresh [hold down shift + refresh] near broadcast time to make sure our google plus page refreshes and shows you the invitation to ‘join hangout

We received a comment on one of our hangouts that one viewer couldn’t jump in. Google hangouts do work through iPhones and mobile devices. Unfortunately we cannot explain why some of you get messages like this:

“This hangout is not currently supported on this device” – So we are aware difficulties like this do happen, as this is what I saw on my iPhone. I’m looking forward to suggestions from other mobile people on how they overcome this. In the mean time the only suggestion I have is to leave the G+ app, and restart it if you see this message come up. Even so, please don’t let this hold you back! We value your input through the TweetChat hashtag, make sure you tag your conversation with #IMHhangout so that everyone in the community can see your voice!

Keep an eye on this blog page as details get added to see who’s joining in! We are looking forward to giving you all a spot here in the live broadcast – so make sure you jump in

Circle us!

@InMotionHosting #IMHhangout will be hosted by @JulianaPayson.

Our team to welcome you and help you in the live chat are:

@AnieA203 – Our in-house Graphic Designer, will be scanning our Tweetchat

@IMH_Affiliate – Our Affiliate Manager, will be keeping a deft eye on G+ and hopefully making sure you can jump in.

@Maria_InMotion – Our SEO and Partner Specialist will be watching out for people on Facebook to make sure you get a mention.

Our last hashtracking report shows that we had over 127,000 impressions on #IMHhangout!

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2 thoughts on “#IMHhangout | Make Money Online [infographic]

  1. I am located in Uvita Costa Rica located about 12 clicks south from the better known Dominical. I have portal web sites for both towns where I provide information via blogging as well as tourism information. I aspire to have all businesses in the area on the site. Some are there free of charge, others pay a yearly fee, while others pay a commission for bookings generated through the their listings on the sites.

    I appreciate hearing the emphasis on Twitter as I am illiterate in the Tweet-world. Also the various web resources that are mentioned in the graphic and that were discussed in the… group chat? Hangout? What do we call what we just did?
    In any case, I intend to work through all of them and see what applies.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to adopt Juliana’s pronunciation of niche, but I found myself using it in the chat. “Neesh” she says. I say “nitch”. Juliana, you may have left your mark.

    I started working on the web when Yahoo was king and Amazon was a pipe dream. Back when meta tags worked. SEO was a breeze. After some years of HTML and then CSS, I left the industry. I am now back resurrecting my neglected websites that used to rein as king of the search engines for any searches done that included the names of those towns.

    My re-entry into web technologies has been painful due to it being a completely new world. I have worked quite a bit with Elance to outsource the construction of my sites in Drupal, but have not yet found the right Tech for me yet. So, I am doing everything solo at the moment.

    I am LOVING inMotion’s speed in serving up my Drupal sites and am very pleased to see the resources, such as this “Hangout”.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Ben, great seeing you during our InMotion Hosting hangout, and great to hear your story and feedback. Any questions just hit us up through #IMHhangout (make sure you add the hashtag to your tweet and one of the team will be sure to respond!) Hope we were able to offer some help!

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