How much do businesses really spend on Online Marketing?

Hi, and THANK YOU for spending the time to contribute a bit of research that we’ll later present as a set of infographics. We want to help you find out how you compare to the average web hosted business owner in terms of your investment in time and money on the web. There’s hundreds of tools and tweaks you can apply to getting customers to your website, but how do all these techniques really stack up where it really counts? – And that’s if you use them or not! The form is completely anonymous, and we bet you’re dying to know if you’re the average spender or tight purse when it comes to marketing your business online. So, How much do you really spend? Check back to our blog to see the results soon!

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11 thoughts on “How much do businesses really spend on Online Marketing?

  1. The cost to benefit ratio seems to be decreasing. The big boys in my market sector spend too much money for me to compete, advertising wise.

    1. Thanks Bill, we really appreciate that feedback. I had a suspicion the playing field is no longer level for the smaller business person as was once believed. In light of our survey information, you might be pleased to find out tips and advice where we can help steer you into getting more visibility online. Thanks so much for your feedback – just remember all results are anonymous.

  2. We use and pay for Google. And on occasion we run an ad via FaceBook but that usually results in zero extra business. Our best online solutions are the free area calendars. I do not mind filling out this survey but I do hope that it does not result in solicitation of services.

    1. Hi Julie, we really appreciate the feedback and hope to provide some useful information as a result to online business owners. Please be reassured we are not collecting emails or soliciting other services.

  3. Its so hard for me to make a profit off of Google’s paid advertising… you really have to innovate on the back end to keep costs low with your product

    1. We agree, Google’s paid advertising has become an art and tactic that even the most savvy business owners find too daunting, then costly to make worthwhile. Stay tuned as we publish the findings from this survey.

  4. Google is sucking the lifeblood out of small businesses. They are extremely good at pitting businesses against each other to drive up the cost per click to a ridiculous point, where only Google makes a profit. In financial matters, complexity is a way of sticking to everyone else and google is no exception.

    And don’t think we did not notice your complex URL that you conveniently are not showing. Are you tracking who files this out so you can follow-up with a sales pitch?

    1. Hi Frank, I think from disseminating the emerging results there appears to be a lot of growing sentiment that agrees with your opinion on the complexity and competition behind Google advertising. Oh and regarding your point with the url extension… We are quite happy to say there won’t be any sales follow up pitch! if you noticed the extension having what is called a dynamic query string and ampersands, namely ?&utm_source=twitter etc, please check out our useful little tool ‘Quick Tagger’ It’s merely a way of seeing back in google analytics what sources of traffic are giving us the clickthrough. Try it! you might be pleasantly surprised which links you post actually achieve a click through đŸ˜‰

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