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SMO_Periodic_Table thumb

SMO Periodic Table and App Map

Web hosting is our specialty, but we also like to share useful information with our community of web business owners that want to optimize their promotion and web traffic acquired from Social Media.

We have selected some of the top tools for Social Media Optimization [SMO] and configured these apps into 2 visual solutions for describing or selecting them. The SMO Periodic Table and App Map can be easily printed or posted on your website using the provided HTML code.

SMO Periodic Table

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Prints on:

  • Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
  • US B (11″ x 17″)
  • Super B (13″ x 19″)



Google Reverse Image Search

Here is a much underutilized tool for web sleuths tracking down the original owner behind an image.

  • To determine fake profiles
  • To find out about copyright theft
  • To check against image rights
  • Who else is selling your product? Stealing your idea?

Say you were just tweeted at by what you suspect is an automated profile, (what is known as a bot). Here is a useful way to determine if the name behind that image really is that person.

Take the image URL, or copy it and upload it here:

Now you should get a listing of locations wherever Google found the same image or even it’s derivatives.

Watch the following video for an example of checking whether a profile is using someone else’s image, and check to see who is using yours!


Cool Tool For Illustrating your Blog Posts

Bloggers out there! Ever struggled to find the right imagery to accompany your articles? I found a cool web browser based sketch pad called OdoSketch.

It’s intuitively simple to use; minimal tools, and so with hardly anything to complicate the task, I compiled my sketch using only my laptop touch pad.

Graphics designers will be pleased to see a palette of beautiful neutral colors, rendered onto a textured canvas to make it look better than your own real-life scribbles on paper.

So – now whenever you’re stuck with what to illustrate your writing with, you can create something online and embed it with the provided embed codes. It even renders a live, fast forward version of your sketching, to bring it to life for a few seconds.

I’ve found another use for it, to use my sketches as title cards along with any other future video tutorials I do.

social media tracker

Track Your Social Media

social media tracker

Now you can assess who is arriving to your landing pages via the links you post out in the social ether, by categorizing them with InMotion Hosting’s QuickTagger.

Simply categorize where you want to publicise your links, and QuickTagger will do all the coding for you and spit out an extended link that google will interpret and tally up visitors for you in Google Analytics.

It also generates a Shortened Link from tweetburner – where if you have a free account set up there, will give you your audience location geo-demographics.

Handy stuff if you want to make sure you are really engaging your audience.

Watch our video on how to start using QuickTagger:


Click here to go to our QuickTagger page.

Animated Google+ Banner

Animate Your Google+ Profile Page

Advanced Photoshop Animation Techniques

InMotion Hosting Google Plus Page

Download your Photoshop Template Here:

Google+ Brand Pages are going to be the new focus for marketers as they realize that this is part of the system that Google is weaving together to measure the relevance of online interactions between a brand and its audience.  In an effort just to make Google+ Brand Pages really pop and relay their message, I found a cool way to stuff more punch into the headline banner – by animating your Brand’s message.
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