And The Apple Craze Continues…

Here at the Los Angeles InMotion office, we’ve got quite a few Apple fanboys that were eager to get their hands on Apple’s new release, the iPhone 5.  Here’s a firsthand review from Andrew, an IMH web designer and excited new iPhone 5 owner.

Andrew & His New iPhone 5

“I’ve been using Apple’s latest iPhone since Friday afternoon. The iPhone 5 is unquestionably the most iconic smartphone, and every new release is met with much hype. Is the iPhone 5 a worthy new addition to the Apple lineup or does it fall short of expectations? Read my quick review to find out.

The iPhone 5 is super lightweight, especially compared to the beefy iPhone 4/4S. It’s only .07 inches thinner than its predecessors, but it’s noticeable while holding it. This thing is made out of the glass and textured aluminum on the back. I like the new backplate, though aluminum can (and will) scratch and dent (better than shattering glass I suppose). The new colored metal rim on the black/slate version really brings the whole design together.

The new iPhone boasts an all around spec bump compared to its predecessors. The size of the high-res display was increased to 4” and is slightly improved. Coming from an iPhone 4, I was mainly looking forward to increased speed that the new processor, better RAM, and new 4G connectivity bring. Everything feels snappier, from installing/launching new apps to streaming music from Spotify, to using graphics intensive apps like games. The already top-notch camera from previous generations sees a slight spec increase as well. Oh, and the headphone jack is on the bottom now. It’s next to a smaller adapter… and it’s not micro USB…

Some notable new features include Facetime over 3G, Panorama camera mode, Passbook, and new Maps. Apple has been trying to distance itself from all things Google and subsequently it ditched the Google Maps powered app for an all new Apple created app with a great look and feel. Much has been made of the strange and comical issues that have been found in the app, but it’s not a software issue as much as a data issue. Google has tons of it. Apple doesn’t. Many POIs are missing or incorrect. I have little doubt that Apple and its partners will improve their pool of map data, but it will take time. I think Apple let the cat out of the bag a bit too early on this one.

Which leads me to my second point. iOS seems stagnant. It’s now catching up to the rest of the field with features. If Apple’s decision was to invest engineering time and money, replacing a Map app that just worked on its devices with something just barely good enough, then it’s a sad day for iFans. Apple has enormous software talent and iOS is still a great product. I’d just like to see it shine.

My opinion (having used several Android and RIM phones) is that Apple’s phone industrial design is second to none. The iPhone 5 is an all around improvement on an already great product. iOS is still pleasant to use, but I worry about how it will evolve (or fail to evolve) with the times.

If you have an iPhone 4 then this upgrade is a no brainer. If you have a 4S and are happy with your device, then save some money and wait until the inevitable iPhone 5S. Not like any of my fellow office iGeeks will heed my advice…”

Apple Fanboys

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2 thoughts on “And The Apple Craze Continues…

  1. Why???
    Apple does aesthetics better than anyone. So does Aston Martin. Would you compare the Aston with a Chevy Malibu?? Of course not!!
    The thing that is always left out of “fan-boys” reviews is cost.
    Does the iPhone, as a whole, do more, faster, than Droids’? Yes. Factor in cost, though, and it’s not even close!!
    Even with the huge price difference, the top of the line Android phones still are comparable, or outright better, when taken on a feature by feature basis: Bigger screens. Better cameras. Quicker updates to 3g/4g. And on and on…
    Are you the type that needs material things to show the world how cool or important you are? Then Apple is for you!!
    Do you want the latest technology, best/widest variety of apps, at a price point that is acceptable to most?
    Then Android is for you!!
    Me? Whenever my girlfriend shows me something on her iPhone that cost her $, I hit the Android market, and can almost invariably download it for free! lol
    (Case in point: Siri, which had people swooning as if it was some huge breakthrough from Apple. My girlfriend says, “look!! Your phone can’t do this!” I hit the app market, find Vlingo, download for free, and we have a ‘voice off’, and guess which worked better??? Yup! Vlingo all the way!)

  2. From a specs perspective there are plenty of Android devices out there that are definitely better if you are looking for faster processors, NFC chips, larger screens (which I view as more of a preference), etc. However, the nice thing about iOS is that there are not 50 million versions out there which helps to ensure app compatibility across the board (minus bugs, etc.) My favorite thing is syncing via iCloud to all my other Apple products. However, I disagree with the fact that we pay more simply for design (however, I would and always will pay more for a better designed phone, computer, tablet, etc.) – we pay more for the whole package. The OS, the hardware design, app eco system, etc. Perhaps most importantly, the devices just work right out of the box… something I have not experienced on another platform in a LONG time.

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